The Mediterranean Diet

How Do They Do That?

Have you ever wondered how it is that women along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea manage to keep their figures in spite of the fact that they drink wine and have olive oil on their salads? Well, the wine and the olive oil is their "secret". People who live in the Mediterranean region of the world are, overall, more active and eat healthier than those in other places. We'd like to add that they live a relatively stress-free life, but given today's circumstances, that could be stretching things.

However, if we look back a few years to the lifestyle of people on the Mediterranean coastline, we'll be able to see and acknowledge that the incidence of heart disease was lower, as was the death rate. While diet isn't the main or sole source of the lower statistics, it certainly is a contributor to healthier living.

It's a Great Way to Eat

These days, the Mediterranean style of eating is lauded far and wide for its many health benefits. Starting with the use of mono saturated fats (primarily olive oil) that ensure cholesterol levels in the blood remain under control, the Mediterranean diet is also attributed to preventing illnesses like brain strokes and myocardial infarction (heart attack). High blood pressure, lung disorder, Parkinson's disease and even Alzheimer's are positively affected by this kind of diet. Of course, the liberal use of garlic in this diet is a factor in the prevention of cancer.

You Won't Even Miss the Beef

The minimal use of red meat, saturated fats, and the absence of processed foods are all factors in the success of the Mediterranean diet. Cooking with olive oil and having a glass of red wine with meals are positive influences for good health. The diet mostly consists of fruits, vegetables, seeds, legumes, nuts, and starches derived from rice and potatoes. The use of meats is more as an accoutrement rather than a main course, with fish and chicken being the first choice for animal protein, but only in moderate amounts.

More a Lifestyle than a Weight Loss Program

Although this style of eating is not really designed as a weight loss program, it is easy to adopt it as a lifestyle. Add physical activity and a fitness consciousness to the mix and you've got a winning combination that can easily become a way of life that lasts forever.

Eating a Mediterranean diet has proven to change the body composition of most people who embark upon it. The average weight loss of about 4 to 6 pounds for women is common among women who take this lifestyle diet to heart and marry it with a healthy fitness routine.

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