Fertility Tests: What to ask your doctor

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for over a year and have not had any luck, you may want to get some help by paying a visit to the fertility clinic. You may want to know why you have troubles getting pregnant or why it is taking you so long to get pregnant. But just finding out why you have problems conceiving won't help you with anything. There are lots of other questions that you should ask.

One of the main things you should ask when you visit your fertility clinic is how you can improve your chances of getting pregnant. Is it by losing weight? Is it by changing diet? Is it by increasing vitamin intake? You should also ask your specialist how often you should have sex in order to improve chances of conceiving and if there is a special treatment that he or she will recommend. If you are confused about ovulation and your ovulation cycle, ask them how you can tell when you are most fertile and how you can test for ovulation and so on.

Getting Info

You may also want to ask your fertility specialist about his or her own training and experience. How long have they been practicing? Are they certified? If so, by whom? And if they are unavailable, which other doctor would you attend to? Also, it is good to ask about the costs of each appointment and whether or not your insurance will cover them.

When it is time for treatment, you may want to ask your specialist what the chances are of getting pregnant with this particular treatment. Should you have to repeat the treatment if it fails the first time? And what the chances are of a multiple pregnancy occurring from this treatment? You may also want to ask about the costs and if there are any alternative forms of treatment that you could try incase this treatment does not work out for you.

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