Choosing the right daycare center for your children

Choosing the perfect daycare center for your little one can be a long and a tiring ordeal. While some daycare centers are in excellent condition and some in bad, it is very important that you take your time, research and choose the right center in which your baby will learn, have fun and also feel at home at the same time. So, if you are a parent and are wondering how to choose the right daycare center for your baby, you have come to the right page. Read our tips about what to look for in a daycare center and about the good and bad signs of a daycare facility. Also, learn about what questions you should ask yourself before looking for a daycare center, when you call and visit the center.


How to Look for a Good Daycare Center


Make a list: Come up with a list and write what kind of daycare center is most important to you. Is it a daycare center close to home? Is it a daycare center close to work? Etc.

Research: Look for daycare centers in the area which you most prefer. Ask friends and family for advice. Look on the Internet. Ask pediatricians and local agencies which center they would most recommend. Also, ask around and check if the daycare center is accredited by the National Association for the Education for Young Children or the National Association of Family Child Care. Also, look if the place has received any recognition or won any local awards.

Begin your calls: When you have a list of probable daycare centers in which you are interested, start calling. Prepare a few questions beforehand and ask them about their policies, hours, fees, and activities and how they teach children. Also, inquire if they are flexible with your schedule or if they have experienced teachers and so on. Once the conversation has finished, note down on your list how you felt while talking to the person. Write down if you had a good or a bad feeling and why you felt that way.

Visit the center: After you have finished your calls, visit the centers which you had a good feeling about. Look around the facility and check if the place is warm, clean and a safe environment for your child. Also, pay close attention to the teacher and how he or she interacts with the children. Do not leave any questions unanswered and verify everything again that was mentioned when you spoke over the phone. Finally, after you have finished looking around the facility, ask yourself whether your child would enjoy this place or fit in this environment.

Check with references: After you have visited the center, call up parents of children who are currently at the center and ask them for their opinion. Ask them if they would recommend the place to you and so on. If their child is no longer at the daycare center, inquire why.

Take your child for a visit: If you are convinced by what you have seen so far and what you have heard, take your child to the daycare center for a visit. Observe your child and watch how they act in the environment. Are they comfortable? Are they happy?

Enroll your child: When you are happy with what you've seen, enroll your child into the facility. Sometimes, there maybe a waiting list. So, you may have to find a temporary placement until a place becomes available.

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