Curly Locks

There was a little girl with a little curl right in the middle of her forehead...and usually she's the one who stands out in the crowd. Have you ever noticed how much people fuss over little kids with curly hair? What is it about curly hair that draws people? Maybe it is the way the curls bounce around when the person turns their head, or the way the hair springs back into tight curls after it has gotten wet. Who knows - it just is. And those who have curly hair enjoy the admiration of those who either don't have it or have to pay to get it.

The Haircut From Hell

However, having curly hair with its carefree appeal isn't always all it's cracked up to be. For instance, finding someone who can cut curly hair without making a mess of it is a trick. Oh, you think you can't mess up a curly-hair-haircut? Think again. Some people believe they can cut curly hair any way they want and the curls will cover the mistakes. They don't. Anyone with curly hair who has had such an experience knows as soon as she runs her fingers through her hair that it's going to take a long time before her hair is going to look better. She finds the gaps and knows exactly which hairs are too short and out of sync with the rest of her hair. Sadly, it won't be long before everyone else knows it too. Some mistakes just can't be hidden. That's why it is important for a person with naturally curly hair to find a hairdresser with curly hair to do the work. It seems the only people who really understand curly hair are those who have it themselves.

The Blessings of Curls

There are some real pluses to curly hair. A curly-girl can get up in the morning, basically shake out her hair and finger pick it, then run out the door. No blow drying or hours in front of the mirror trying to get it to look right. Curly hair looks like curly hair - sometimes the only thing to do it let it be. Even then, it tends to look great. When naturally curly hair is cut well, the maintenance is even lower. It doesn't matter if the wind catches the "do" because it looks good however it falls.

Frizzy Lizzy

But the truth is that there are problems other than bad haircuts for curly people. Naturally curly hair can frizz up in a heartbeat when the humidity is high, and there's nothing to be done. Curly hair acts independently of the owner. This can be especially annoying when a lovely "straighter" style is being worn and the weather is either humid or it begins to rain. Even if there is a pound of product on the hair, it is inclined to do what it wants. Sun and salt air can wreak havoc with curly hair, drying it out and making it fuzzy and difficult to handle.

Kinky Curly or Just Wavy

There are different textures to curly hair. Fine, frizzy curls that are tightly packed are different from those that lay looser on the head and seem to be able to hold their own in terms of frizz. Kinky curls, those tight, close curls, can be very dry and require a great deal of moisturizers and conditioners, leave in conditioners, gels and spritzing lotions. Medium curls are looser and much easier to cope with, still needing conditioning and moisturizing, but they handle better than wads of tight curls. The very loose curls, more like waves, are lovely as they give body and movement to hair without being over-the-top curly or dead-straight.

Regardless what type of curl, the best way to keep it under wraps is with a good haircut. The rest is easy.

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