Fabulous Figure Fixers

Have you ever fallen in love with a pair of jeans only to discover it makes your backside look about twice its normal size? None of us have the perfect shape, but we can dress in such a way as to enhance our good attributes while minimizing the flaws. Here are some great tips for figure fixer-uppers.

Wide Hips

*Go for fuller skirts that hit below your knees. Stay away from pencil skirts with high waists and choose instead A-line skirts that can help balance your figure.

*If it's trousers you prefer go for wide-legged pants and give cropped pants a miss.

*Tailored dresses with defined waists and fuller skirts fool the eyes. V-neck and strapless styles pull the eyes up and away from your hips.

*Opt for long jackets over shorter styles.

*As for tops and sweaters, choose boat necks and halter tops to make your shoulders appear broader. Cardigans are okay in horizontal stripes, but avoid tight or clingy tops.

Large Tummy

*The use of a wide belt atop a dress can help add definition to your shape. Other details that add definition include ruching at the mid-section or V-necks that can help pull the eyes up and away from your stomach area.

*Wearing tailored men's shirts, tucked into skirts and trousers will minimize your middle.

*Layer chiffon tops to add a sense of lightness to your abdominal area. A ruched top or a V-neck will draw the eyes upward.

*Choose a jacket that has a bit of tapering to slim your waistline.

Too Short

*High heels help, but only so much. Long trousers with wide legs will lengthen you while front creases and pinstripes add to the overall lengthening effect.

*Short skirts will make you appear taller. You don't need to wear a mini-skirt to get the effect. Anything above the knees will do the trick.

*An Empire waistline dress will make your legs seem longer. Stick to above the knee lengths.

*V-necked tops decorated with vertical stripes will lengthen your torso. A long sweater with slim lines will have the same effect.

*Shorter jackets are best while longer jackets will make you seem even shorter.

No Curves

*Tapered jackets will give you a waistline and help make your bust look fuller.

*Choose a full skirt and match it with a long top. Top the look with a ribbon belt to define your waistline. Skirts with pockets paired with belts will also help to give you a waist where nature skimped.

*Scoop-necked or V-necked tops are great for creating a shape as are fitted bodices.

*Wear a cinch belt with dresses to achieve curves fast.

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