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Abnormal Vagina
14 Replies
earl jane - March 26

hello, i don't know what's normal vagina look like..but mine, well, I think it doesn't look normal because there is some kind of a partitioning tube that runs to the middle of my vagina from top to bottom. Can anybody knows what is this? It's actually not painful..but just thinking that I had an abnormal vagina, I'm so not happy.


Redlyn - March 26

Why you said so? have you consulted it to the doctor? So that you can be given the right advice in your problem.


kathy - March 27

women have the same vaginal structures and compositions but out of that, we differ from appearance - color, size, etc. if you think that there is something wrong with your vagina, seek a professional's advise to understand everything.


fionah jane - March 28

What makes you think you have an abnormal vagina? Kindly please elaborate to us how your vagina look like?


earl jane - March 29

I have a long inner labia which protrude a little..the whole area is out of whack and i really would like to sorted it out.


howardzee - March 30

I agree with you in your feeling. If you have an abnormal vagina, you can consult to an ob-gyne. there are some medications that would make it normal.


chona - March 30

Abnormal vagina is the most common complaint among all women.But if there's nothing wrong with it, I mean you don't feel pain, you have not experience abnormal vaginal discharge, then I think your vagina is okey only different in how it looks like.


Khochu - March 30

Even if it is an abnormal but there is nothing hassle in your part, then just accept it as it is. And be happy in your abnormalities.


geraldine - March 31

Yeah, as long as it's still gives you the functions and the purpose that you needs. Who cares about how it looks like, anyway sex organ like vagina is so private that nobody could see it, unless you show it to, no problem!


Florch - April 1

there was a case of a ten-year old child who has an abnormal vagina. Her parents consulted it to a doctor of whom she was operated. How about if you do the same as that of the child.


Cathy - April 4

As I read this forum, My thinking flies to different direction. But to make clarification of what is the real and normal look of this thing?


Charito - April 5

I suggest you see an obstetrician-gynecologist so she can fully evaluate your condition. You do not have to be embarrassed.


bubbles - April 7

I guess, if it's still serves the purpose..meaning, you can still have sex, you can still urinate have menstruation, etc..then, whatever the appearance of it, then I think it's still considered normal, right?


roche - April 9

why did you think its abnormal? have you seen one that doesn't look the same as yours. Try to show it to your doctor and ask her if its really abnormal.


nevic - April 10

It's so silly of course to look at the other vagina and compare if it's look as same as yours, right? Anyways, i guess, your vagina, whatever it looks like, I mean, It's unique..just be happy about it.



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