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advice on uti
14 Replies
sahara - April 3

i don't know what to do or maybe i just have uti. i am sexually active and taking pills. i pee blood from time to time, it scares me a lot. what should i do?


mathissa - April 3

i guess you need to see a doctor for that instance or the case will get worst if you won't.


weesha - April 3

i guess you have mild UTI. you pee blood and is not normal of course.


caleigh - April 3

are you also using tampon? just heard that using it aside from the regular napkin pads is quite not that advisable.


dominique - April 4

Well, I also experience mild UTI before but, it's not that I pee blood form time to time, on my part, I had painful urination and when I consulted it to the doctor, she told me I had UTI and she gives me medicines for it, which is really helpful because as until now, I don't suffer UTI anymore.


susane - April 4

that sounds like UTI and i think that you need to see the doctor right away.


sachi_leigh - April 4

is it painful every time you pee? are there any unusual pain sensation?


georgia-t - April 4

blood in urine can be a sign of kidney infection or some kidney stones and some may need to undergo operations in that case.


haoina - April 4

i am experiencing that kind of sensation whenever i pee i had this certain burning sensation.


jessica - April 4

there's a study that those women who are sexually active, some will cause them bladder infections and that of using the birth control pills or condoms.


geraldine - April 5

It's not easy having can really be a hindrance on what you want on, seek proper treatment that the painful and uncomfortable feeling will be relieved.


rhea mae - April 8

It's alarming already if there's already blood on your urine when you urinate. I think it's time you need to see a doctor for you to know what's really going on with your condition..for me, it's not just a simple uti.


Thomase - April 9

In your case it is not good to make guessing the symptoms because it might not the correct medication that you might take. It would become worsen the illness.


Myra S. - April 11

That could be a serious condition already, Sahara. I suggest you go directly to your doctor for a check-up.


liza - April 13

I suggest go to your nearest physician and have you examine for urine and blood test. Blood in urine may be an indication of urinary tract infection. But can only be confirmed with diagnostic test.



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