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All About Pap Smear
15 Replies
Gladys - March 17

Hello there! I just want to know more about pap smear and it's advantages.


gellie - March 17

i had pap smear once before required by my doctor when i have been diagnosed with a thick lining on my uterus and it was painful enough every menstruation and i bleed like hell.


shoria - March 19

papsmear is also called as the papanicola test is a type of screening test that is used in gynecology to better yet predict any premalignant and malignant processes in the ectocervix.


geraldine - March 19

I think every women during their first prenatal visit, they are always required to have a pap smear by their doctor to make sure of the condition of their cervix.


trixy - March 19

Pap smear should be at least once a year. It's good to have pap smear so that your uterus will be greatly monitored and that you will have the many health advantages you need as a woman.


Marvine - March 20

I don't believe about par smear. It happened that my cousin was having her pap smear once a year just to be safe from any disease of uterus and of cervix but she died because of cervical cancer.


alma - March 23

A Pap Smear is a test that collects cells from the cervix. It is used to check for abnormal and pre-cancerous cells that cause cervical cancer.


zenny - March 23

Pap smears are effective because cervical cancer grows very slowly, and pre-cancerous changes can be detected with a pap smear long before cervical cancer appears. An abnormal pap smear is often followed up by a colposcopy, which is an examination of the cervix under a special microscope. Regular paps smears with appropriate follow up and treatment is nearly 100% effective in preventing cervical cancer.


mhalz77 - March 23

Pap smears are performed as part of a routine pelvic exam, usually on an annual basis. Your physician may recommend pap smears more or less often than annually, based on your specific issues. Pap smears may be performed by a gynecologist, general practitioners, internist, pediatrician, or mid-level providers in those areas.


mhalz77 - March 23

Pap smears can also detect vaginal infections such as trichomonas, candida (yeast infection), and bacterial vaginosis, Some pap smears also detect HPV virus, the virus that causes cervical cancer and genital warts.


Nieva - March 23

I just wanna share this info that i've read from the net....A Pap smear also known as the Pap test is a medical procedure in which a sample of cells from a woman's cervix is collected and spread on a microscope slide. The cells are examined under a microscope in order to look for pre-malignant (before-cancer) or malignant (cancer) changes. A Pap smear is a simple, quick, and relatively painless screening test. Its specificity - which means its ability to avoid classifying a normal smear as abnormal (a "false positive" result) - while very good, is not perfect. The sensitivity of a Pap smear - which means its ability to detect every single abnormality -- while good, is also not perfect, and some "false negative" results (in which abnormalities are present but not detected by the test) will occur. Thus, a few women develop cervical cancer despite having regular Pap screening.


joanne - March 24

What a very informative info you have there Nieva!
Thanks a lot so's really a good sharing of thoughts and ideas we have here in this forum..I learned a lot from you guys. Keep it up!


Propen - March 31

It is a kind of instrument to do in order to know the uterus of the woman whether it is safe of any ailments.


Clarisse - April 5

Pap Smear,is a kind of examination were good or bad result may comes out. I was experience this kind of examination, it was painless. there's no need to worry if you would like to be examined or to have a pap smear.


squeaky1421 - July 6

Does a pap smear check for Ecoli ?? My gyno says yes, but my fertility doctor says no. Any replies??


ayiiitadesigns - March 25

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