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Am I Still a Virgin?
11 Replies
Loumell - February 25

It was a game at 6 years old, we played this kind of game "having sex" It was an innocence act, but now,I love to make masturbation because of that game.
I want to know if I"m still a virgin because when the "games"happened, I was not menstruating yet?


hyacinth13 - February 25

I suggest you consult a trusted OB-GYNE to determine your virginity, She'll know when a penetration has been made or not. A hymen can rapture when penetration is done even if one doesn't have menstruation yet. What may not be possible is your getting pregnant because you weren't ovulating then.


heatherlyn - February 26

I wonder at a very young age, you came up to such a game that is intended only for adult. Yes, why don't you go to an obgyne and have some virginity test if there's a kind of test in determining whether a person is still a virgin or not.


stella - February 26

Well, if you want my opinion, I could say immediately that you are not anymore a virgin because you have experience in a very young age what is like to have sex and you also mastubate..then you are indeed no more a virgin, Sorry!


daphne - February 26

I agree that you need to see an obgyne..we can never tell if you are still virgin or not unless you will be examine by the experts.


zexie - February 26

For me, to be frank and honest opinion, you are no longer a virgin. And in addition, masturbating is not abnormal. it's a normal part of human sexuality. however, it affects your mental and physical activities.


blende - February 26

in my own opinion, I would rather say, stop that masturbating hobby!!! Just live a clean life.


jinky - February 27

Yes, I would agree with Blende. You need to stop that masturbation habit, if you want to stay virgin. But I suggest, you have to go on a counseling to to help you stop doing such habit..which is immorally not good.


rhea mae - February 28

You are no longer a virgin. Doing such malicious act at a very young age, even if that time you are still not menstruating, it still destroys something of your whole being as a woman. And when it's already destroyed, then that makes you not anymore a virgin.


Lorenze - March 1

if the delicate skin at the opening of the vagina had been touch and it was been damaged then the conclusion is ... you are no longer a virgin ....I'm sorry for being frank with you...


semeone - March 1

there were things in the past that could give us a scar for life. But with hope and faith to the Lord, it could make lighter to hold. What was happened to you in the past was just a mere child curiosity, you may see a doctor about your personal check-up so you may know if your virginity is still there.


JeanTse - March 2

Consult to a Lady Physician, a gynecologist. It 's just a matter of friendship to a doctor.Tell him the exact incidence happen in your life.



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