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Ambiguous Genitalia
12 Replies
Alexa - March 25

My friend's child has an ambiguous genitalia. She's really felt pity with the baby because of its condition. But she's wondering why this happens to her baby where in fact, she's done her best to give her baby the best of everything during her pregnancy. Can anybody knows all about ambiguous genitalia and why this happens to some child?


Goulie - March 26

I am interested to know what is this ambiguous Genetalia. This is why I participated this forum. KIndly elaborate this.


lizandra - March 27

it is actually a birth defect and of course no mother or parents would want their child to have that kind of condition.


shane - March 28

As far as I know ambiguous genetalia is a kind of birth defects that don't have the typical appearance of either a boy or a girl.


cheska - March 29

I had a friend who also has a baby with ambiguous genitalia..according to her it might be the over the counter medicine that she was able to take mistakenly during her pregnancy, that causes it.


Gabrielle - March 30

taking medicines which is not prescribe by the doctor is dangerous to the baby inside the womb. one of the effects may be this ambiguous genitalia. so pregnant woman be careful in taking over the counter medicines.


James - March 31

Maybe this happen to the child because it is in their genes. But how about if you advice to the doctor.


ysah - April 1

I think it's not because of the genes..ambiguous genitalia, in my own understanding is not's cause by something else.


Purple - April 2

Well, i think it can be avoided by having proper care during pregnancy..always have prenatal that the mother and the baby's condition will be greatly monitored.


cheska - April 3

I agree to that..if a pregnant woman did a proper prenatal care during her pregnancy, something like ambiguous genitalia can be avoided from happening to her baby.


Fhernz - April 3

So, the appearance is not clear whether it looks like a sexual organ for a boy or for a girl, is this the face of the so called ambiguous genitalia? Kindly elaborate clearly this kind of disorder. Thanx.


chona - April 8

Is ambiguous genitalia can be considered as one of the many birth defects?


Mildred - April 11

It is a kind of defects that we can not recognize instantly whether the baby is a boy or a girl, isn't it? What would be the right decision is to seek immediately a help from the doctor.



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