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Annoying smelly discharge
18 Replies
rose - April 14

A great way to maximize the good bacteria in your body is to consume 4-5 cups of natural plain unsweetened yogurt. You could also inject good bacteria in your vagina by dipping tampon into the yogurt and insert it into your vaginal canal; this will surely get rid of any foul smelling vaginal discharge.


nishadhasan - January 14

I faced some problem. It's quite secret. But i have to say. I am suffering from Vaginal Odor. I am suffering it from a long time. Someone suggest me some solution and tell me about a helping website for get some solution. Site name is . Please anyone have some opinion about that. Please reply me.


techgurl - August 13

The white vinegar and water does work for some. I have also heard of using one part peroxide to 3 parts water and douche. I have tried all of this as well as flagyl that the doctor gives me. When I use flagyl sometimes it works and for maybe 2 days my vagina is as it should be. Moist and not smelly. But then the dryness and smell comes back. I have been dealing with this for 5 years since my hysterectomy. The only thing I can say helps is probiotics. I take one made by natures bounty and it says it has over 20 billion live lactobacillus in it. You have to take it for a month before you notice a difference but it works. When I ran out I realized within a week that the bv was back and also really bad smelly gas. I am 45 yrs old and I am tired of this. So I went and got the probiotic and started taking it. I am burning down there but went to my gYN and my urologist and both say no UTI and no Bv found but my GYN I believe only half heartedly looked for Bv because I have been in so often, she doesn't believe me EVEN THIS LAST TIME I DISNT BATHE AND HAD HER SMELL IT AND SHE REPLIED "it's normal!" Well I call BS!! I know my vagina and it should never smell fishy. I am looking for a new GYN but I just wanted to help others. Try the probiotic because I truly think the imbalance is in our gut.



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