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Antihistamine and fertility
10 Replies
Diana - April 11

I am a married woman for 9 months already and unfortunately I am still not blessed with a child. I am wondering if this antihistamine Loratadine Lorange that I am taking for my contact dermatitis affects my fertility?


Aimee - April 11

As what I have read before, taking of Loratadine increases the chance of women for conception.


Jasmine - April 11

You are right Aimee, one of the few reasons why Loratadine increases the possibility of conception is that the sperm's survival rate increases since it can now live in the cervical mucus for up to 72 hour.


Angelina - April 12

Mucus volume is said to increase when taking loratadine so for me an advantage when you are working on getting pregnant.


Bonnie - April 12

Loratadine is a safe antihistamine for women who are planning to get pregnant as per my OB Gyne's advise.


Molly - April 12

Antihistamine does dry up cervical mucus but I do not believe that that causes some trouble with pregnancy. Cause I am taking Loratadine too cause of some allergies and my doctor asked first whether I am pregnant or not before he gave the prescription, so I supposed that that is safe for pregnant or becoming pregnant women.


Jan Marie - April 12

Do not blame your infertility to the antihistamine. Check yourself first and see what really causes why you did not get pregnant for 9 months of working on it.


elle - April 13

Women who are pregnant, planning to conceive or breastfeeding should take loratadine only if their doctor has prescribed them. This drug passes on to the baby while it is being breastfed and hence it is not recommended for nursing mothers. Some individuals are allergic to the drug itself. This aspect also needs to be checked before taking this drug.


hazel - August 3

antihistamines are one of those over-the-counter medicines that could somehow sabotage your pregnancy. it may inhibit implantation of an egg into the womb.


maurice - August 3

it interferes with ovulation by blocking the histamine that defends the body against infection.


bev - August 4

Medications such as the antihistamine cimetidine and sulphasalazine can also affect fertility.



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