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Barren Woman?
10 Replies
Merlaye - January 29

My boyfriend and I engage in premarital sex. He always insinuates that I am barren because I do not get pregnant. My menstruation is normal. Please tell me what the signs of a barren woman are.


georgina - January 30

Barren is a zodiac sign, which according to ancient tradition, is not to possess a strong powers of procreation. This is a sign which commonly related to infertility.


Warren May - January 30

A woman who may called barren, can not be able to reproduce life. And in your situation, you must talk to your boyfriend heartily because he seems that he doesn't respect if he is rude enough. Why he make conclusion that you are barren?... it is if he is insulting you... better consult to a gynecologist.


Fhanz - February 10

You must not think negative. And your partner is insinuating you that you are a barren woman. How come that he have a heart to imply that you are that kind of?


heatherlyn - February 12

It's seems that you're boyfriend is so insensitive. He doesn't care about your feelings. Barren woman is a woman incapable of getting pregnant. But you tell your boyfriend that he too might be impotent because their are two reason why a woman can't get pregnant one the woman maybe barren or the man is impotent.


mocca baby - February 19

Don't be despair. I think it's because your boyfriend said that you are a barren woman means it's already true enough. what's his proof? Is it because you still don't get pregnant? Probably, it's indeed your boyfriend that's impotence because he was not able to impregnate you.


Aaronea - February 22

How dare! You are his girlfriend then he insulted you to the maax? I think it is better not to engage anymore in a premarital sex again....with him. But have a sex to the man that you may called your legal husband,because it is a privilege sex.


tonette - February 25

For me, the only person that could say for sure that you are barren is the doctor. Try to see a doctor and know for yourself if what your husband said is true or not.


Reden - March 2

About your situation, If your boyfriend is in love with you he would not told you that you are a barren woman, he insinuates that you are barren it is a great insult in your part. I'm sorry for my being frank with you.


januarylyn - March 12

well, you better ask yourself..are you consider yourself a barren woman? You can be barren if you think you are what your boyfriend thinks. But if you think you are not, then fight for it. Tell him that you need to see a doctor for you to be able to know both who among you really have a problem. Maybe you're not yet pregnant because your boyfriend is the one not capable of making a baby. Don't end up as the loser, without knowing first the truth.


ysah - March 13

Yes, challenge your partner that both of you would have a fertility examination so you would know which of you two has a problem of infertility. Don't just immediately conclude it in yourself that you are the one barren.



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