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Boring Sex Life
15 Replies
starlet - January 28

Sex should be fun and enjoyable right? But mine is not. I'm not really satisfied with my sex life. I don't know, every time me and my boyfriend is having sex, I still want more satisfaction but I end up frustrated because I don't get what I want. Is this a problem? My boyfriend is doing his best to satisfy me but It's still not enough. what can I do?


denise@ 2010 - January 28

I think you need to give us some sort of details to prove or to support why you think that you have a very unsatisfying sex life. In this way, we can also give you more things or insights on what you need to do to make your sex life fun and exciting,right?


samantha faye - January 31

Sometimes, it's not easy to put into detail of what really happens..I understand the part of Starlet. Probably, she don't really want to put in to open why she had a boring sex life. Well, I guess, one solution I can give is to talk sincerely about everything to your husband. Maybe he is not aware of what you are feeling..that's why he can't truly give you his best during sex.


cheska_baby - January 31

Based from my experience, I have found out that you can have the best sex and best orgasm by doing some new, different and exciting sex positions. Try this and you will know that I'm definitely right.


jinky - February 2

When doing some sex acts, it's more fun and exciting if you experiments with your husband new different styles and positions. It's also good if you have more place to have sex with not just inside your bedroom but anywhere in your house can be the best place to have sex!


Mercury344 - February 3

You know having sex without an authority to do so, it might end up of frustration in the part of the woman. Sex is done only by husband and wife, but if it is done by unwed couple, psychologically it may end up... unsatisfied.


Ophelie@dee - February 4

Why is it go that way? We can't go deeper what really the cause of your frustration. But, anyway, what is it...I may share with you that in doing sexual play you must think of your love to your partner. That you love him, that you care for him, don't expect to much of your partner, don't think of lustful act but to give your partner a nice and happy disposition.


Khouseck - February 6

I think your partner would reach the climax first while you are still in the half way of the road. How about talk to your partner with a heart to heart talk so you can make a solution about this matter.


devine grace - February 7

Your sex life would not be boring if you to would try to find new and exciting ways on doing sex. Probably you don't have anymore excitement because you are continuing on doing the traditional way of doing the sex act. Be more stylish..and don't just depend and wait on your the first one to do it for him. And you will also be excites what he will do for you in return.


zyndie180 - February 8

Sexual play needs a good player, do a research of how to become a good player in sexual play.Don't forget to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, it can help a lot for making the libido active.


Mare Megeel - February 9

If you are in love to that person, your husband, you can't feel bored of his company. Sex can strengthen your relationship not to weaken.


Ms. yen - April 13

Today, there are explanations for lack of female sexual desire. Men have an advantage because we exist in a binary 1 and 0 world when it comes to sex.


Kaye - April 13

You two talk about it and let him know what you really want him to do for you to be satisfied. Like if you want him to kiss you on somewhere that would aroused and make you reach your orgasm.


Venice - April 13

Starlet discuss the issue with your husband. If you think he is lousy then you instruct him how to handle you for your satisfaction. Cause it is unfair if he is trying hard and then it ends up you are not happy with it.


Lorraine - April 13

Probably you are too hot and he is this cold. I don't know who is the problem so I suggest you two sit down and settle the issue.


janice - April 14

Physical causes are often responsible. Fatigue, whether due to stress, to physical work or even sleep deficit from childcare or hot flashes, is a common cause of decreased libido. Physical muscle or joint pain, pain with intercourse and urinary incontinence may also interfere with desire for sexual relations. In this case, fear of pain or embarassment works as a supressive force.



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