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breakthrough bleeding
14 Replies
Via lopez - March 25

I had three kids already and I don't want to have any plan of another one. That's why I decided, with my husband consent that I will take contraceptive pills. But after a week of taking the pill, i experience heavy bleeding. i was so alarmed..please tell me, is this what they call breakthrough bleeding? Should I stop my pill intake so that the bleeding also will stop? Answers please..ASAP!


cora - March 27

breakthrough bleeding from taking contraceptive pills is sometimes a common experience to women that just started from taking pills like especially during the first month of intake. you can still continue to take the pill and observe if the bleeding settles down to the next month. but if you are still experiencing it, then the next best thing to do is to stop taking the pill and consult a doctor.


lourdes - March 28

Breakthrough bleeding is when menstrual bleeding occurs between periods. It can be light spotting or just as heavy as your typical period. This can happen when taking an oral contraceptive. This can become a very frustrating problem for women on the pill, because one of the reasons they may be taking it in the first place is to regulate their cycles. There are several reasons why breakthrough bleeding may occur. The most common cause of breakthrough bleeding is the patient's failure to accurately follow the instructions for the medication. The directions should be read thoroughly and any questions should be discussed with the patient's gynecologist before use. The most important thing to remember is to not skip doses. It should be taken at the same time every day. The cycle is so sensitive and exact that the pill should be taken within a 15-minute time frame every day.


janeth - March 28

Yeah, I think you need to stop taking the pills because breakthrough bleeding is one of the side effect I think of the contraceptive pills that you are taking.


apple - March 28

You better consult your doctor to know what really is happening to you if it's a pills side effects or some other form of serious health problems.


bubbles - March 29

Breakthrough bleeding is not a dangerous condition, though breakthrough bleeding is very much unpleasant.It may be caused by hormonal effects of ovulation.


heatherlyn - March 30

Probably it's because of the contraceptive pills that you are's the side effects of it that's why you are having to experience breakthrough bleeding.


Stanley - March 31

Your body might not fitted to take the contraceptive pills. Your body is not ready to admit those kind of pills.


bubbles - April 1

Breakthrough bleeding should not be taken for granted because it will or might lead to a very serious health problems if it will not be given an immediate treatment.


Gena - April 1

If I were you, I would stop taking the contraceptive pills. I can stand it for a long time just to observed whether the bleeding would stop. What if it would not stop? So it is better to choose to stop taking the pill as early as possible.


margarette - April 4

Well, breakthrough bleeding happens to women who take an oral contraceptives pills.That's why many women who have that kind of side effects, stopped avoid making the problem worst, they consulted this condition to a doctor and ask for a proper medication.


heatherlyn - April 7

Contraceptive pills have different side effects to the woman's body. That's why, if ever a woman plan to take one, she should ask a doctors advice on what contraceptive pills that surely fits for avoid some kind of complications like breakthrough bleeding.


christmae - April 7

In my own analysis, your body might not indulge to the contraceptive pills.
it is better to stop using it. You might open the door for illness.


Jackelyn - April 9

it is necessary that before taking contraceptive pills or whatever medications you would like to take, you have to consult it first from the doctors. Seek an advice from them.


Melor - April 11

You should stop taking the pills you are now using. How come you ignore the bleeding just for the feeling that you don't want to have another child. We don't know whether your kids are only three and no more and then your contraceptive pills you are taking are useless.



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