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Breast Cancer is also for Men?
15 Replies
Ferdeane - February 19

It so happen that a friend doctor informed us that there are possibilities that men may get a breast cancer. How terrible!!!!


mocca baby - February 20

Yes, it's also possible that men can have breast cancer. But it's rarely happened to them that's why for others, breast cancer are still considered a woman's threat and not so for men.


monique - February 21

Though it is not so common in men to have breast cancer, but it is really possible that they can have it too also. According to the American cancer society, they estimated about 2,000 invasive breast cancer cases in men.


january lyn - February 22

Yes, breast cancer is for all, women or men could have the possibility to have it. That's why each one of us must be very careful and always perform a self breast examination of it, including the men, to have an early detection in case, God forbid we have it.


reynae - February 22

upon exploring this site, I've caught this topic that men can also have a breast cancer. I've got shocked, how could it be? what is the cause of it?


parker - February 22

how??? research has shown that men who are grossly overweight by the time they reach 30 double their risk for breast cancer.


nanie600 - February 22

As far as I know, in the past it was thought that breast cancer in males was a more aggressive cancer and had a worse prognosis than in females. this idea progressed as a result of detection taking place at a later stage in males than in females.


Leebrend - February 22

there's a study that males with increased estrogen levels, regardless of the cause, are at an increased risk for breast cancer.


RickyMae - February 22

it is now known that men should should be diagnosed at an earlier stage than women because of their small amount of breast tissue.


Jupitern - February 27

the type of breast cancer that affects males similar to that of female breast cancer-including the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.Men commonly complain of a small lump or unusual swelling in their breast. They may also complain of nipple in drawing, ulceration, dicharge, or enlarged lymph glands under their arms. At this point a man must undergo a physical examination and a mammogram to diagnose the cancer. A biopsy may also be needed to make breast the final diagnosis.


Kimdear - February 27

As I read an article that the treatment of male breast cancer is the same for men as it is for women. it may include hormonal therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgical removal of the cancer.


Neph005 - February 27

Men are usually older than 60 when they are finally diagnosed with breast cancer. the delay in detection may be because men seek a doctor's care later than women feeling that breast cancer is a female problem.


Erich - February 27

some are embarrassed to have their symptoms checked out and may wait up to 18 months before going to a physician.they think that their macho image may not be full.


Rudymae - February 27

I've happened to view this site and I've made to browse this topic. I've gotten astounded that men can also be struck of the breast cancer. but how it may be? I am really horrified.


Kiey - March 24

if the men can have a breast cancer, is there a possible that he could submit an operation as a form of medication?


duanne - March 24

Is there really such a thing as breast cancer in men? How come? I really don't know what makes men to have a breast cancer.



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