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Breast Cancer Preventers
14 Replies
Geraldine - April 1

Do you know what are the factors that may prevent the breast cancer? Kindly share these to us in order to make prevention...Thanks!!!


Shawen - April 1

I think it is the food that must be intake. Be careful of the food to take, especially eating meats. Protein and fat in meat make the body produce more estrogen and insulinlike growth factor, which have been linked to an increased breast cancer risk.


justine - April 1

regular check-up is best prevention better than cure... i am not sure but i think that is made annually to know whether you have lumps in your breasts and that if there is can be identified earlier as benign or malignant.


cheska - April 2

Breastfeeding is a good way of preventing breast cancer. That's why it is advice by all the mothers to breast feed their baby to prevent such disease like breast cancer from happening.


tonette - April 3

Having a proper and regular breast self examination is a good way to prevent breast cancer.


voisez - April 3

if one is aware the food which is right and good for one's health, then there is no illness that may comes in including the breast cancer.


jupiter - April 3

take only foods which is needed to the body. but don't forget the fruits and vegetables.


Lalaine - April 3

Too much meat can trigger the cancer cells, so instead of eating too much of it just take plenty of vegetables and fruits and exercise everyday.


devine grace - April 4

To prevent breast cancer is to take care of your breast with utmost care, meaning you need to know the steps in doing self breast examination..avoid bad lifestyles and have proper breast exercise.


Therese - April 4

How about not to wear bra at home. Use bra during the day but during the night you must take it off. I think bra can trigger the possibility to have a breast cancer.


Grace - April 5

there are fruits and vegetables which can prevent to have breast cancer. Keep away fats and meats. Stick to the lifestyle habits.


Ursula - April 5

Doing the best form of breast exercise is for me, the good way to prevent having breast cancer.


jinky - April 7

Really? Is there such a thing called breast exercises? I would like to know one because I don't want to have that kind of deadly disease. Please tell me about it..


jobelyn - April 8

Breast cancer is a deadly disease that is most common to women. Yeah, to prevent breast cancer, you need to know some exercises that help you to prevent such deadly disease.Try walking exercise 1-2 hours per said to be good breast cancer preventers.


gilianne - April 14

For the majority of women, lifestyle changes, a healthy diet, cautious use of selected antioxidants, exercise, and weight reduction can also help reduce the chance of developing breast cancer. To date, the most important strategy in improving survival is still breast cancer screening and early detection.



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