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Causes of Sexual Dysfunction and It's Treatments
17 Replies
wennie d pooh - March 17

Sex should be interesting and enjoyable, right? But why can't I have satisfaction and enjoyment during sex? Is there's something wrong with me? Is this some kind of having sexual dysfunction? Please help me know it's causes and treatments. Thanks!


BELLA - March 17

I have also the same issue with you at the moment. i have been married for almost 18 years and very active with sex not until i reach 35 y/o where i`ve become so much not into it and even if i would really love to do so, i feel kind of tired and anxious.


daphne - March 18

One cause of sexual dysfunction especially on woman is because of a change in there hormone levels.


monique - March 18

Women can have sexual dysfunction especially if a woman experience sexual pain during intercourse. How about you? What's the reason behind your sexual dysfunction? You can't have the necessary treatment if you still don't know what needs to be treated, right?


beverly - March 20

lifestyle and vices are most on top of having sexual dysfunction and yet this is what men and women engage more nowadays.


Gleena - March 20

It is a couple's problem. But have time to consult a doctor both of you , so that there must have awareness between the husband and the wife.


Kaye#55 - March 21

This may cause of mental in capacities. Some persons who have sexual dysfunction, maybe the effect of psychological experience in the past.


AlmaFlor - March 22

Yes , it is kind of a gift from God. But this gift must be used in a method of which you are in the right to do it so deeply enjoyment may comes in. Let me ask you, are you married? if not, then that's why you don't have feel satisfaction and enjoyment.


tonette - March 22

There are lot of reasons why sexual dysfunction occur..but one thing for sure, it is caused by a lot of bad practices that a person is doing at a very young age like smoking, drinking, taking drugs and others, which the effects was only felt in their late years..some is quite too late already for treatment. But those who detect a bit earlier, find it solutions and help from the doctors and other health experts.


xenia - March 24

Sex is a gift from the Almighty Father. So let us value this precious gift. If you don't feel satisfaction while doing it, there maybe a reason for it. Are you having sex without marriage?


Mildred - March 26

How about, take the case into a lightly manner. Don't take the attitude of panic just stay calm. It is enjoyable if you do it with love.


Susazze - March 26

Never to put it in your mind that you have a sexual dysfunction. It might implanted in your mind and psychologically you can have a disorder sickness. Remember that the brain is the one that controls our body.


colorme - March 30

You might not well motivated. That's why you don't have satisfaction in your sexual play.


Desiree - April 4

Sex is a gift of God, it is true. But if it is done out of the bond of matrimony is not good or not advisable to do. This might be the reason that some can't have enjoyment in doing sex.


Florepez - April 5

I think it is true. Because how can an individual experience a satisfaction of sex if he/she don't have a peace of mind while doing it.


Christmea - April 9

Have you gone with so much trauma about sex? Or heard bad experience about it? these may trigger the unconscious mind which may be the cause of your indifferent about sex.


irish - April 11

Don't you find sex as a pleasurable activity? Or your just not satisfied with the way your partner handles you.



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