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Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis
15 Replies
Tirion - February 3

I know i am not the only person in the world that deals with bacterial vaginosis. Is there a cure that i do not know about. If my doctor gives me flagyl aka mitrodonizale one more time I'm going to scream. The drug works but about a month or two later it comes back. I usually notice it right after my cycle goes off or I notice a fishy odor after sex. I was wondering if BV is just a ph imbalance if their is anything I can do to balance my ph? If any of you ladies have advice it would be very helpful


Holly - February 3

I went through a spell where I kept getting BV as well. A lot of things can cause recurrences of BV. Most of it is the same things that trigger a yeast infection.

You need to avoid using any kind of vaginal cleansers or chemicals (even if you get that fishy odor). Using anything such as douche will only make it worse. Avoid taking bubble baths or getting any soap in the vagina. Do not use cleansing wipes or vaginal deodorants either.

Wear breathable panties. Preferably cotton. Try to wear loose clothing. The key is to help reduce excess moisture.

Make sure that you and your partner always wash your hands and private areas before and after any sort of sexual contact. This will help prevent spreading the bacteria which causes BV.

The medications that are given for BV are indeed cures. They completely cure you of BV. The problem is that you are reinfecting yourself somehow. It's usually due to one of the situations I described above. I know that when I have had it, I was given one pill and that was all I had to take for that occurrence.


Feliz - February 3

I too have chronic bacterial infections. I had a hysterectomy about 8 months ago and have been dealing with a bacterial infection for 5 1/2 months now. My infection doesn't go away and come back it NEVER goes away. I went to a new OB/GYN about 2 months ago and she said it was just a PH imbalance and she gave me 4 months of antibiotics to be used no more than once a month. I tried just about everything. Antibiotics, yogurt, tea tree oil, Rephresh, acidophilus. Nothing works. I do everything they say you should do. I wear cotton underwear, loose clothing, use detergent, fabric softener and soap that is perfume and dye free. I've even cut down on my sugar intake. I honestly think there is an underlying problem causing the bacterial infection and not the "PH imbalance". I think something happened during my hysterectomy (i.e., ovary or hormone malfunction). But the doctor said it has nothing to do with my surgery. If you have found something that works, please let me know and I will go the same.


Sybil - February 3

I too suffer from chronic vaginosis. I don't understand what I am doing wrong, I wear cotton underwear, don't use detergents. I read somewhere that bacteria from feces can cause vaginosis. Is this true? I always take Metrodonizale and other antibiotics and it goes away for a little while then comes back.


Ophelia - February 3

I found something that worked. I took a combination of Clyndeese (one time vaginal treatment)and a dose of silver. I continued to take the silver for 2 days on day three I did a slight medicated douche(although not recommended)to ride the residue of clyndeese. The next morning- still normal. 2 days later - still normal.

I got the idea from a friend.
I am still taking the silver every other day... and I am so happy.
I also hear that some women are allergic to sperm- it throws off PH balance.

I am a 26 year old virgin so lucky I don't have that problem. but maybe not for long if this BV stay away.


Fazie - February 4

this bacterial vaginosis can affect self worthiness. but if it is cured correctly this might be stopped.


kashi - March 22

i had bacterial vaginosis before and my doctor advised me to never ever douched or rather using harsh soaps when washing my private organ. he also advised me to take up flagyl twice a day for seven days.


simply me - March 23

It is a kind of hassle in the life of the woman affected this disorder. You could not be at peace if you are inflicted of this disorder, What I did, was I used a vinegar and warm water as a vaginal wash I did it everyday till now, it no longer bothers me up to now.


Grace - March 24

I would like to share with you, my experience which the same as yours, It was so incredible for me to bear, but as I've read an article, I've caught my attention the uses of vinegar as a vaginal wash. I tried it every day till at present and no more hassle.


Mordz - March 30

That is it! I am also amenable of vinegar with warm water. I've tried it for many years now. Till now I been using it all the time.


xserrahx - May 8

Hello, I know its been 3 years since this was posted but if you are still out there and see this...and have found a cure that works...please let me know!!


melissapayitforward - March 25

I just have to blast the internet today with this info. This is my version of paying it forward. I have seriously suffered from BV for almost a year. A long embarrassing disastrous year. Can you tell I’m scarred. But enough about that. I did the whole doctor thing… took the medicine. It would go away and then in a week or two come back with a vengeance. No good. I’ve tried everything and seriously thought I would be living with this crap forever.
Long story short…I came across this e-book, and if I could I would be sending the file to everyone and their mama who needed it, but I’m sure I will be violating some type of copywriting law and get sued. So the next best thing I can do is just send y’all to the link where you can buy the book. It’s so worth it! Just scroll down on the webpage and the link is on the bottom. endbacterialvaginosisnow. com
I really hope this helps someone out cause I would have paid anything if someone sent me this info. Like I’ve said I’ve suffered for this for a long time and over Christmas I treated myself to this, followed the directions and haven’t had a recurrence yet.
I’m paying it forward and I really hope this helps at least one person out there.

Peace and love.


luckyx2 - May 30

I have battled bv for the past 13 years. Only a total of 3 years was it gone. I didnt have it while I was pregnant or the year after I had my twins. And there was another random year it was gone. I take meds and it goes away but usually returns after my next period. I've tried everything and nothing has kept it away. It was a huge factor in the demise of my marriage. My last boyfriend didn't understand. I've decided to just not date because ending up w] th someone in my life when I have this problem is too stressful and embarrassing. My self esteem is shot. I'm totally depressed. I've given up hope thinking I will ever get to be normal. None of my doctors have ever been able to figure it out. My last doctor told me "you're having a run of it and it'll eventually go away". 13 years is not "a run if it"! I'm over it. Sorry to be a bummer...but that's unfortunately my story.


alia - November 17

Hi. I struggled with this terrible disease almost three years. My symptoms were awful...itching, odor and secretion. going to the doctor, he gave me some vaginal suppositories Cervugid, which have healed me after 2 months of treatment. Now I am very happy that i got rid of BV


bellagreen - November 19

BV is treatable with antibiotics prescribed by a health care provider. Two different antibiotics are recommended as treatment for BV: metronidazole or clindamycin. Either can be used with non-pregnant or pregnant women, but the recommended dosages differ. Women with BV who are HIV-positive should receive the same treatment as those who are HIV-negative.

Herbal medicine is another alternative option to treat BV. Unlike antibiotics, herbal medicine will not cause nay side effects and drug resistance. Fuyan Pill is believed to be the most effective herbal treatment on BV which has been confirmed by lots of patients.


Jennifer1973 - March 24

Try a warm bath, about 6 inches of water, 1cup of salt (matches the salinity of your body) and 1 cup of vinegar (balances your ph, I use apple cider vin), 15 minutes. Forget the cream, this is the only thing that works for me whether it's BV or yeast.



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