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Endometrial Ablation
5 Replies
Nyssa - January 29

Hi Ladies,

Has anyone had this done or know anyone who has? I had my GYN annual visit this morning and I mentioned to him that my last period was 11 days long. The first two days were normal then it slowed to spotting. He did an U/S to check if there were any cysts, etc. that could have been causing this and everything was normal.

He mentioned if this is bothersome I could have an ablation. It isn't really bad since most of the days are only light spotting. I can't go on pills because I have a clotting disorder.

There are a couple ladies in my group that have had this procedure done and they said they wouldn't recommend it. I didn't pay attention at the time because I didn't think this would be an issue for me. I wanted to ask all of you your thoughts.

Thanks for any advice!


Milena - January 29

I had an endometrial ablation done back in 12/05, due to very heavy/problematic periods after the birth of my daughter.

You said that the first two days of the period was normal, then slowed to spotting. You haven't really experienced very heavy bleeding at all?
If that's the case, then I don't think that having an ablation would be something to consider just yet. It just doesn't seem to be a necessary thing for spotting. Ablations are performed in cases of very heavy menstrual periods.


Paige - January 29

It could be a fluke at this cycle. Is this the first time you've had a month like this or has it been going on? The bleeding could have been triggered by the pap. I hope it all works itself out.


Aleka - January 29


Be sure to ask your Gyn if this is really needed in your case.

I also had this procedure a few years back. My recovery after the ablation was not bad at all. I did have cramping and bleeding for a while afterward, with the cramping lessening by the next day. The bleeding tapered down to spotting, but I really can't remember for how long, being that this was back in '07.


Cailin - January 29

Perhaps the reason your friend regretted doing the procedure is because of the need for sterilization. That would really be the only reason I can think of for regretting having the procedure done. It was difficult for me for a short while after wards just because of that, even though my husband and I were definitely finished having children. This made the decision so very final.


pinky - April 13

Endometrial ablation is a medical procedure that is used to remove (ablate) or destroy the endometrial lining of a woman's uterus. This technique is most often employed for women who suffer from excessive or prolonged bleeding during their menstrual cycle but cannot or do not wish to undergo a hysterectomy. The procedure is most commonly done on an outpatient basis. Placenta accreta may occur if the patient becomes pregnant after endometrial ablation, so birth control is recommended.



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