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first time of having sex.
17 Replies
carlotte - April 11

hi, it's my first time to engage in sexual intercourse with my current bf and lately i am having constant pain in my pelvic areas. what will i do?


verna - April 11

been experiencing that too but it's not my first time... i usually had that sensation every after sexual intercourse.


charloe - April 11

this can actually happen to both men and women that a pain is present during or after sexual intercourse.


lydia - April 11

yes it can happen at any moment during sex as the time of having penetration, ejaculation or erection.


elisa - April 11

i have that experience too and worst, since i am always feeling the pain, i have been losing my interest in sexual activitiy.


adelle - April 11

so probably what are the causes of having painful before, after or during sexual intercourse?


grace - April 11

maybe one good reason of painful intercourse is having vaginal infection.


liz - April 11

to get that full treatment, do not do the process on your own, it is more safe to ask your doctor about it.


gellie - April 11

if you are engaging into some certain medications, this can affect sexual performance too.


carmen - April 12

did you ever went to you gynecologist? maybe you have ovarian cysts that made it painful for an intercourse.


janice - April 12

if your partner is using condom, your system reacts on it that makes it painful for you.


CHLOE - April 12

some reasons for it is when you are using harsh soaps that causes you genital irritation.


La'tara - April 12

menopausal women experience this a lot.


Felice - April 12

maybe because you are experiencing vaginal dryness. in that case, you may need lubricant to help yourself out.


cynthia - April 13

if you have that pain all the time, it is better to call the doctor and ask for a further advice.


talyira - April 13

since it is your first time to engage on sexual intercourse, it is good to prevent any further same experience again. just be sure you are practicing good hygiene and some routine medical care.


jona - April 13

you need to talk to your partner about it since it's the first time you experience it. somehow this comes up from a deep thrusting penetration.



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