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Foul Odor
14 Replies
Myka Bebs - January 28

I've been using a branded vaginal wash for three months, at first I feel fresh after I used of it. But lately, I noticed that my underwear has a yellowish mark and a foul odor can be smelled within by me. My question...Is the vaginal wash I've been using is the cause for all these matters?


monique - January 30

There are lot of factors that can be the cause of your vagina to have foul odor. You need to brought this topic to a certain gynecologist for you to have the best answer you need.


Niahze - February 1

It is a very shameful situation if you have a foul odor. I've experienced that before as if my body melted when there's a foul odor. What I did, I wash it with a luke warm water with 2 tablespoon vinegar. And it was vanished.


Ursula - February 2

I think so, you see..don't just use any vaginal wash. Make sure it's good quality and it's safe. Especially that you will have to use it in your private area.


katie - February 12

I just wanna ask Niahze if vinegar is not harmful.Is it safe for your vagina.There's a chemical that is found in the vinegar..I think vinegar is more harmful than vaginal wash.


kimmy pearl - February 12

It might be the reason because vagina is normally full of good bacteria that help maintain its pH level and keep infection out. However, when the normally-present good bacteria is rinse or flush away by scented vaginal wash, the bad bacteria proliferate, resulting in bacterial vaginosis. The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis is most often recognized by a grayish white vaginal discharge with foul, fishy odor.

Yeast Infection


Gabrielle - February 16

only the ob-gyne can give a precise medication,because they are studying for this matter. And of course, they can be trusted about this issue in order to make the right solution.


Hewea45 - February 17

how about, you may change the diaper!!! take another kind of diaper.


lovelyKier - February 19

there is another reason that if it is a congenital reason, it should be given an extra care. proper hygiene must be learned.


bertTee - February 22

never use perfume to your vagina...because it may give much irritation. Wash it by just plain water.


hrenze - February 26

I think it is the vaginal wash which causes those things to happen. how about you change it. there are many branded product which have already found out by some expert that it can cause allergy.


cathy - February 27

my mom advices me to have a vaginal wash that is not very high on ph level and fragrance free so as this is not to harsh just like using bar soaps. it is also appropriate to go your gyne to know the root cause of the foul odor and to take any precautionary measures if needed.


Zenue - February 28

it is a warning sign that something is wrong within you. Before using any branded vaginal wash you must refer it to an expert doctor so that no further damage must be done.


memae - March 2

try to use just plain water. Take a bath daily, Don't eat too much spicy foods because it is one of the facts that may cause bad odor.


betty - April 13

Here are some causes of vaginal odor, please do visit your nearest ob-gyne to confirm the cause of the problem. Vaginitis, yeast infection, cervical cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease and sexually transmitted disease. You can also try changing your vaginal wash.



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