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Healthy menstruation
12 Replies
Juliah - February 14

When i have my period, i always suffer dysmenorrhea.Just wanna know if healthy menstruation is possible?What am i going to do?Please help.


yolly101 - February 14

I think you should ask a professional about that matter.He/She can suggest you a good diet and remedy to ease the pain and to make your menstruation healthy.


mHariel - February 14

Most of the menstrual irregularity stems from an imbalance in the hormonal system, and the hormonal system is very sensitive to all sorts of stimuli. Therefore in order to have a healthy menstruation you have to balance hormone levels by taking a diet containing vitamins, minerals and herbs.


Juliah - February 14

Thanks guys for your advice...But can i ask you mhariel if what specific herbs should i take?is it available in our backyard?can you just name a few common herbs?thanks...


mHariel - February 14

Juliah these are the list of herbs:

1. Chasetree - corrects progesterone deficiencies, lengthens cycles, reduces PMS symptoms.
2. Saw palmetto - assists with ovarian dysfunction
3. Dong quai- regulates cycles and reduces painful symptoms
4. Shepherds Purse - decreases blood flow

I don't know if these are found in your backyard.Try to ask from herbal stores if this is available thru capsule.


chacha - February 14

I suggest that you have to eat fresh vegetables.Most veggies are rich in vitamins and minerals particularly the root veggies and the green leafy varieties. Make fresh vegetables the mainstay of your diet because this can really of big help especially for women with menstrual problems.


sexy_Snaira - February 14

Exercise regularly. Doing regular exercise helps improve blood flow and produce pain fighting endorphins. Just do the simple exercise.


Coritha - February 14

Healthy menstruation is possible if you will just discipline yourself.First, you should find time to take a high quality women's multivitamin that is especially formulated to assist menstrual cycles.Sometimes, we take this for granted and take it only if we can remember. Second, you have to do regular exercise. Sometimes, because of laziness, we don't care about exercising. Third, you have to limit intake of caffeine and alcohol. Most of the time, we don't care what we drink, just as long as our mouth wants it, without thinking the effect of it in our body. Lastly, you should also take care of yourself. Sleep well. Avoid stress..I hope these things will help you with your problem.


jinky - February 15

I think it's very much possible for you to have healthy menstruation..just practice a healthy lifestyles and avoid those things that cause bad effects to your health.


Juliah - February 16

thanks guys for your advice..from now on, i will try my very best to live in a healthy way.At least, i can now have remedies and i already know what to do to prevent the pain on my next period.thanks all!!!


jobelyn - February 16

Yes, healthy menstruation is not impossible to achieve. Just consult the doctor and ask for proper medication, so that dysmenorrhea can be avoided and you will have a healthy menstruation.


sweetepie - February 16

It is much better to seek doctors advice. Herbal medicine is sometimes has good effects to some but it might sometimes has bad results to other. Be aware of these.


heatherlyn - February 18

Try to consult a doctor to know what really is the matter of your painful menstruation. This is I think a condition that needs to be examine and diagnose.



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