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Hormonal Imbalance
14 Replies
Charlette - January 29

I'm still single. I had a transvaginal ultrasound, After this, I had a polyp removed together with endocervical dilation and curettage. They found that my bleeding was due to hormonal imbalance.
After these procedures, I doubt if I'm still a virgin.


Reizelle - January 30

So, you are worried of your virginity, right! But no, do not think of negative outcome. Think positive. It is nice to have faith and hope to God that you are totally cured to your sickness.


pretty mhama - January 31

Yeah, I have to agree with Reizelle. Why worrying yourself about virginity? What's important is your polyp was removed and your bleeding problem was solved. Praise God!


cutie - February 14

Don't think of your virginity!Think of yourself!Think about your health.What is virginity if you're not healthy!


heatherlyn - February 15

That's correct! Your life is more important than your virginity. Think of it as one of God's plan for you and it's actually not your fault because it's due to bad circumstances..that's need for you to accept.


katelyn - February 16

Don't worry about your virginity, losing it is not your fault and you have your life to save..that's the most important thing you should always treasure..than any other.


crissa - March 22

the issue isn't about restoring or having your virginity intact. always think about your health benefits which is more important than anything else.


shane - March 23

It's so not good on your part, thinking that you are no longer a virgin after having transvaginal ultra sound. But I think your boyfriend will understand that what happened is really no your fault and that you are no longer a virgin because of the said process and not because you had sex with anybody.


Klien - March 24

In your case, it is a matter of your physical health that should be focus. If your virginity has affected, do not worry, virginity is not the prime idea in this case. But if virginity has been affected, try to think of some widow who has marriage for two times or three times, her husband doesn't mind her virginity.


sheila - March 24

You should be thankful enough that you had your polyp removed and it was detected earlier before it becomes a serious disease like cancer. Don't worry about your virginity, I think it can be corrected.


pearly - March 24

Just think of positive outcome. Worries might give a worst result. In this modern times, there are men who don't mind virginity. Take a healthy life style.


howardKee - March 24

Don't worry your virginity. Be thankful to God that your health problem has been solved. Change your outlook in life, don't worry your virginity.


nicely - March 24

Thanks God ,you have been treated correctly. I f it was not found earlier you might be mistreated. No need to worry about virginity we are now in modern times.


MaryLou - March 30

take a positive outlook in life. Your mind may be so advanced. but if you are no longer a virgin because of the medication you have been passed, you need not to worry because it is not done in sexual acts but just to save your life.


Askalz - March 31

this can be treated accordingly, but better to have an exact medication from a doctor.



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