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Inflamed urethra
7 Replies
Dalena - February 4

I do not have pain in my bladder. But I have a burning sensation on the opening of my urethra. When I pee it stings. It hurts to the touch. It's inflamed. Does anyone else have this?


Chandra - February 4

Hi Chandra, this could be caused by a number of things! have you been bathing with salts or oils in the bath ? any perfumes bubble baths etc? the urethra can be irritated by all these things - also different types of lubrication you could have an allergy, likewise , enthusiastic sex or stimulation of the clitoral area can cause soreness or irritation. Then again it could be washing powder if you've just changed your brand. perhaps to put your mind at rest its well worth a quick visit to the doctor. In the meantime try a little non irritating lubrication a little bit on the top of it and no underwear so you can give it a chance to settle down.


Surie - February 4

This sounds exactly like what I have which I believe was caused by intercourse perhaps being a bit too enthusiastic. I went to the GYN and the pap smear and urine test was negative. I asked if it could be an irritated urethra caused by sex and he said no. I don't understand why he said that. My husband touched the urethra with a Q tip to apply ointment and it really hurt. Hot baths seem to help. Any other ideas? thanks


Nyssa - February 4

Although warm baths are soothing, if it is a urethritis or vulvitis, the warm water may be just masking the symptoms. Not saying don't take them. Sometimes there just has to be some relief. Try an ice pack. Sounds funny I know but if it is just an irritation with some edema, the ice will take the swelling down. It too is soothing. Just be careful not to use it directly on the area. I mean, use an ice pack or something similar with your panties as a barrier. Something to try anyway.

I'm not sure why your GYN would tell you this couldn't be caused by sex as we see this sometimes in the office. Sometimes is a reaction to soaps or perfumes in soaps or even laundry soap. With the burning, even tho the pap and urine tests came back negative, did your gyn take a sample directly from the urethral opening and test is for infections?

If this problem persists return to your doctor.


Anya - February 4

Hot baths do really help. Sorry, I don't have any other ideas - I just feel for you. Hope it gets better soon.


nhanz - February 6

If I were in your condition I would instantly visit to the doctor because he/she knows really the situation, moreover it can be given the right medication.


girlish - February 8

I know of a nature medication, 1 tablespoon of vinegar dilute it with warm water. Use this a vaginal wash.


rhea mae - February 9

Pain in the urethra can occur by itself or it can be associated with other symptoms.Pain in the urethra can be caused by an infection,trauma or something blocking in the urinary tract.



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