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Is Bacterial Vaginosis and Strep B the same?
5 Replies
Linden - February 4

Hello, I have recently been told I have Group B Strep and I am not pregnant and have had antibiotics prescribed, I was wondering if BV and Group B Strep is the same? I am over being fobbed off by doctors, and not getting answers from the gyno and having to undertake more testing before we get to what could be the course.

I am frustrated and so so over it all, its been ongoing for 10 years on and off.


Avani - February 4

I was wondering the same thing. I've had symptoms of BV for a year and a half now, and treated (both medicinally and naturally) with everything you can imagine, yet several tests over the past 18 months have revealed I'm clear of actually having BV. I think the only thing in the world I haven't been tested for is strep b, and I'm wondering if I tested for it if I'd have it, would explain a lot. It would be just as discouraging, though.


Marie-Soleil - February 4

I was recently diagnosed with Strep B and my doctor was not really clear on what it was so this post really helps. He put me on an metronidazole and a cream and it didn't really clear up. It got better but not 100% so now I'm on a second round. DO you have any advice on what to do because I have a feeling a second round of the same meds aren't going to work.


Prairie - February 4

How were you diagnosed with strep b? I have been suffering from re-occurring BV for a while now. Metronidazole seems to clear it or help while on it, but symptoms return a few days after being off. My doctor always does a wet mount test which she looks under a microscope. She says there is clue cells which is what you have with BV, but i can't figure out why it keeps coming back. Also do you have any pain vaginally? I keep having a type of stabbing pain at the entrance when I know the infection has gotten bad.


Cimarron - February 4

They diagnosed mine with a urine culture. They found the Strep B in the sample of urine I gave them and I think they found some white blood cells also. I have not been diagnosed with BV but I am going to a new gyno in a month so we'll see what she says. I have been on Metronidazole twice and it only helps for a little bit and then my symptoms come back. The medicine is horrible too I throw up every time I'm on it. I don't have a stabbing pain though. My symptoms are weird because it's like a mixture of a bladder infection and yeast infection. They include: itching like crazy, the feeling I have to pee right after I go, a little bit of pain when I wipe or use tampons-it's not really a stabbing kind of pain though, just sore, and also clumpy discharge. If you think you have Strep B I would just ask to have a urine culture done and they will be able to tell.


Karl65 - February 9

I can not imagine the pain or the itchiness of that disease. Honestly, I have no knowledge about his about consulting again to the doctor. And hoping at this time you can achieve the cureness of the disease



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