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Ladies, do you shave before a gynecology exam?
9 Replies
Oriane - February 1

As much as it is preference, I think it's good hygiene. I would love to know everyone else's opinions. And by shave I mean:
legs and the "down" area.


Veda - February 1

I always shave my legs and the bikini line, but I do my normal trim of pubic hair.

For what its worth, doctors tend to think it's unhealthy and unsanitary to shave down there so you could actually get a lecture. That's a pretty sensitive area of the body to be running a razor along, not to mention ingrown hairs, etc. Plus the hair does other beneficial things--reduces friction, etc. Just my two cents.


Hoshi - February 1

I don't stand in the shower for ages making sure that I am in perfect condition for it but I do like to make sure that they are not away to trek through a jungle!
It isn't the best experience to have to go through in the world so I definitely like to feel a little more comfortable with it by making myself presentable.


Keshia - February 1

I do. I always do, but especially if I know someone is going to be down there. I think it makes it easier and you don't have to worry about those latex gloves pulling the hairs. That hurts.


Raine - February 1

Yes, before I go I shave it the night before. But I've tried forgetting to shave it before, but its not really a big deal at all...they have seen everything!


Mareze Irene - February 3

It is a personal hygiene. But for me I don't like to shave because I'm afraid that I may cut the sensitive skin if I'm the one to do it. So, I let the nurse to do it for me.


Zionix44 - February 5

For me I am also nervous to shave it on my own. But I know that it is good for hygiene. I let a nurse do it for me.


Rhylle - February 6

Of course! I have to do the shaving. This is the hygiene of which woman must adopt.


celine love - April 9

I don't shave my legs. They don't have those thick hairs, but I shave my pubic air. I got used to it when I started shaving.


daphne - April 10

yeah, shaving is really no big deal..gynecology exam is very necessary for us women and there's nothing to be ashamed of in anything because they are already experts in their field..and anything malicious is really not entertained.



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