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Lupron for Endometriosis
4 Replies
Suniva - February 3

I recently had an emergency appendectomy and while the surgeon was in me, he discovered I had a chocolate cyst on my ovary that burst. Severe Endometriosis was also discovered.

It turns out the intense pelvic pain I was having ended up being the cyst slowly rupturing. My Endometriosis has progressed so much, my left ovary has actually been pushed behind my uterus.

Long story short, the doc wants me to take Lupron to stop my period and help weaken all the endometrial tissue that's been built up.

I'm 26 and extremely nervous about putting my body in a menopausal state. Are there any women out there who have tried Lupron or other ways to treat endometriosis?


Xylia - February 3

I was in my young 20's when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and cysts. I had laparoscopy surgery to remove the cysts & Endometriosis. They wanted me to do lupron & I said no way. Good luck w/ whatever u decide.


Bettina - February 3

I too have endometriosis. I had surgery, a D&C and cyst removal, last December. Before that I was on 3 (yes three) types of birth control to try and stop my period. The goal was to stop ovulation because each time you ovulate, the cysts grow. (Or something like that, I don't remember word for word.) It didn't work for me but has for others.

Lupron was never suggested.

Good luck.


Noelle - February 3

I'm 25 years old and was diagnosed with Endo in November. I had the laparoscopy and am now in the middle of the Lupron treatment. I've read so many blogs and forums about this drug and the side effects. I believe the severity of the symptoms vary from person to person so don't be completely scared off. With that being said, my experience hasn't been entirely wonderful; but if I had to do it again and if this is the only way to preserve my chance to have children, I would gladly do it again.


Tavia - February 3

I started Lupron last Oct 08, I finished my last injection 2 months ago. I put it off for years, but finally did it. I want children in the future and by not treating it I was only decreasing the chances. For me it was not to bad, at first completely on fun, the hot-flashes are the worse and swear they \start within first 24 hours. Then the mood swings come, god bless anyone putting up with me, fortunately everyone knew what to expect so they tolerated and blew it off! But other than that the only other problem I had was not being able to sleep at night but again I think from not being comfortable from sweating so much. My doctor had me do the add back therapy with it (hormones low dose) and after first month I forgot to take it a few days in a row and realized I felt better without it. Apparently extremely uncommon! After the 3rd shot I started adjusting to it and didn't have the mood swings as often and the sweats were less also. I finished a 6month period of shots. It has been to months w/out a period and I feel so much better, once I stopped getting a cycle (for me was after my 2nd shot) I had no more cramps or anything and face it, it was nice not to deal with a cycle each month.



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