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Mirena Coil side effects
6 Replies
Azaria - February 2

I had a Mirena coil fitted about three months ago as part of my treatment for endometriosis, I also had an ovary removed. My question is to do with the side effects. Ever since having it fitted I've been extremely tired and my weight has gone up even though I have been exercising most days. I also get sharp pains in my lower back when I sit down.

Has anyone any experience of the coil and whether these side effects eventually go away? I am due to go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks and I am seriously considering asking him to take the Mirena coil out.


Shoshana - February 2

Hi there - I had the Mirena put in a month ago and I'm naturally very slim with a high metabolism - but I've had steady weight gain (about 91bs in last 3 weeks!) and loads of cramps and back ache. I've been looking on the net to find lots of similar experiences - and I've decided to have mine removed tomorrow morning!


Bena - February 2

I have had a mirena coil for about 4 years and didn't realize until now that maybe I'm feeling like this could be side effect of the coil. I think I'm going to get it taken out. I have experienced disturbed sleep patterns, anxiety and every time I go to the doctor they give me antidepressants but I know I am not depressed! Have been very frustrated and pharmacist told me the coil can release a lot of hormone into the body.


Faine - February 2

Hi, I had the coil fitted only 8 weeks ago and have been bleeding this period for 25 days!


Ileana - February 2

Yes, excessive bleeding is actually normal. I had mine put last September but as I have had symptoms that I am unhappy with I am having it taken out, though the Doctor says it does not cause weight gain.


joanne - February 3

What's really this Mirena coil/ is it some kind of surgery and is it too dangerous to have? I'm just curious..cause I really don't have an idea of what really is it?


cristina - April 13

The most common side effect with Mirena is a change in your vaginal bleeding. According to the Mayo Clinic, you may have no period, a light flow or an unpredictable period. Many women do not experience cramping or a period that is heavy. It is normal to have cramping after the IUD is placed within the uterus. However, if the pain increases after the placement of the IUD and does not go away, seek immediate medical attention as this is a possible sign of infection.



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