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Natural Lubricant
12 Replies
Hayle - January 31

Good day!

Is it true that natural lubricant can help men and women to have satisfying sex? How and why?


Jeckie_hope - February 1

Natural lubricant is the natural flow of a woman which can be achieved through love and care. It can be done in a natural manner.


Jesha - February 2

Yep! Me and my husband had been using a natural lubricants for months already and it's good! We really enjoy sex very much!


ysah - February 19

Yes, definitely! Natural lubricants are very helpful for you and your partner to get a more satisfying sex.


monique - February 20

Water lubricant is the safest natural lubricant that you need to use during sex.This kind of natural lubricant is very compatible to use with condom and it does help avoid painful feeling during sex.


tonette - February 21

Yes, it does help a lot. Some may have experience painful sex, but with the help of natural lubricant, which enhances pleasure and so much sensation during sex.


volberz - February 22

may I know if this lubricant a product? or it is just a natural lubricant which can extract from within our body?


mocca baby - March 1

Yes, natural lubricant could be of great help to have a very satisfying sex..especially if a woman experience a vaginal dryness, with the natural lubricant, it can minimize the dryness and it will give you and your partner a more satisfying sex.


MotherChan - March 2

Kindly explain the flow of this natural lubricant? I don't know about this thing but I am interested to use it.


charmie - March 12

Yes, indeed! Having to have a natural lubricant can help you have a satisfying sex. Natural lubricants are all made of natural ingredients and they are all water based which means that women would say goodbye to vaginal dryness and hello to satisfying sex!


daphne - March 13

Yes, natural lubricant is really safe and good to use because it has no side effect and it's proven effective in helping to make a vagina of a woman less you would have the best and efficient sex in your life!


Desiree - March 20

I have known that natural lubricant is found within the woman's clitoris ...that's if the husband have knowledge to find it.


vivienne - April 14

One of the fringe benefits of using soy isoflavones with genistein and daidzein, aka phytoestrogens / natural plant estrogens, is that they can eliminate vaginal dryness in many women because isoflavones have estrogenic effects without the risk of estrogen therapy. The most concentrated form is Revival Soy Protein.



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