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Nonbleeding on the 1st Sexual Contact
7 Replies
Daphne - January 29

Four years in married life but still my husband is unconvinced about my virginity as I did not bleed on our 1st night. He continues to pester me about who did it. This makes our married life unbearable.
I never had sex with anyone but him. He won't believe me. How could I convince him I was a virgin until he took my virginity away?


geraldine - January 30

There are girls who did not also bleed during her first time of intercourse. You are not alone, tell your husband about too did not bleed on my first sexual contact but my boyfriend and now my husband accepted me without question because he truly loves me.


Nichole Kate - January 30

For me your husband is a narrow minded. I'm sorry...but you must convince him fervently that you are true and honest to him. How about, consulting a gynecologist so he may have an enlightenment about virginity.


Daisy - April 13

That must be very difficult to explain and if I'm not mistaken maybe he labeled you a liar. That sucks! It hurts so much why they won't trust us.


Sandy M. - April 13

Your husband is not being open-minded. Let say he's not the person who took your virginity, would it really matter? I think what matters most is the love and trust for each other.


kyla - April 14

Sometimes the corona (hymen) may likely not be worn away a lot yet, and even if it has been somewhat (as it is in many young women, even those who have not had any sort of sex), what remains of it may not have been stretched as much before as it is being stretched now.


Momsie - August 2

lack of knowledge that's what your husband is, i'm sorry that i have to tell you this. why did he even married you if he's been suspecting you had sex with other guy before him? what's his point?


aiko - August 3

the issue has been long overdue and non sense! why does he have to bring it up to you again and again? it only goes to show that he doesn't trust you at all. i don't think you deserve that!



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