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Oral Contraceptives Reduces Risks of Ovarian Cancer
9 Replies
tonette - February 20

According to a recent study,oral contraceptives with high concentrations of the synthetic hormone progestin are the best sources of protection against ovarian cancer. What's your reaction on this?


heatherlyn - February 21

I do believe on it because I also read an article of a magazine that states that oral contraceptives continue to confer protection of ovarian cancer for years-even decades!


ysah - February 22

Really? can you please site us any proof why an oral contraceptive pills can reduce the risk of having an ovarian cancer?


dominique - February 22

Yes, it's true. Oral contraceptives really reduces the risks of having ovarian cancer.Test Results by some researchers showed that women who had ever taken OCs were 27 percent less likely to develop ovarian cancer.


abbyLee - February 22

I don't think so... what is important is to be aware of the causes of this illness. to prevent the onset of this malady it is better to have a healthy lifestyle guided by a physician.


geraldine - February 26

Yeah, what's good is that you know what are the things that you should do and not to do in order to prevent this kind of diseases. Don't just rely on having the oral contraceptive.


zeave - February 26

I think it is just an advertisements, how come it happened that it is not a food supplements, it is a medication. And through these it can reduce an ovarian cancer, are you sure???


Kellymae - March 13

I don't think so. How could it be? It is a contraceptive method and there's a possibility of not having conception, contraceptive is against conception and I don't know yet if it could help of not having an ovarian cancer... whoever has a knowledge on this kindly elaborate how could it be done!


Darline - March 20

There are many contraceptive which the users may acquire of dangerous side effects, then how come that it reduces risks of ovarian cancer?


chynna - September 9

yes it is but there are no proofs so far only studies done.



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