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painful urination
16 Replies
moccha girl - January 28

What's the cause of having a painful urination? I have experience this a couple of times. I take some medication that can relieve the pain but whenever I urinate still the pain is there!


jobelyn - January 29

Most of the cause of having painful urination is UTI( Urinary Track Infection)But it's best that you check this matter to your doctor to know the real truth behind this problem and so, you will be given a proper and correct medication.


jinky - January 31

Painful urination can caused by a number of conditions and certain substances.


Novz - April 10

I have been suffering the same thing and my doctor said that i have UTI. You should be careful on the foods you eat or have a proper hygiene.


ysah - April 10

You ned to take could help a lot in reducing your UTI and the painful urination you have experience.


Nipps - April 10

I also experienced the same thing. Whenever i urinate, i can really feel the pain on my left side and on my vagina. I didn't go to the doctor. The only thing that i did was just drinking a lot of water. I urinate and urinate until the pain was gone...


Georgie - April 10

It can not be disregarded because we don't know whether it is a simple infection or it is already facing for cancer.


suzzy - April 10

The main cause of painful urination is there's something wrong with your kidney. Just don't take this for granted and be sure to consult this to a doctor for a medication because painful urination can be a symptom of several infections like vaginitis and gonorrhea.


Nanie44 - April 11

Yes. it would be a UTI that might be inflected with you. How about for the main time you have to drink the required 8-glass of water everyday and beware of soft drinks and spicy foods.


lizah - April 11

Maybe because of postpone urination or maybe because you have an infection with your urinary tract. Just keep on drinking water and whenever you want to urinate, you have to do it right away.


Gina Jane - April 11

You probably have some infection. Please see a doctor for medical advise. The earlier that will be find out the reason for such pain when urinating, the better.


Kara D. - April 11

That may be Urinary tract infection or UTI .


Stephanie - April 11

Take Inoflox or see a doctor for consultation.


Merci - April 11

Avoid drinking colas and acidic drinks to help ease out the pain.


Ann - April 11

Drink plenty of water and have fruit juice instead of colas.


Pamela - April 12

Painful urination is maybe you have some kidney infection or malfunction. Kidney disorder is a very complicated disease so better if you can detect and correct it in the earlier stage. So see a doctor right away and don't waste any more time.


keisha - April 13

Primary dysmenorrhea refers to menstrual pain that occurs around the time that menstrual periods first begin in otherwise healthy young women. This type of pain is usually not related to any specific problems with the uterus or other pelvic organs. Increased activity of the hormone prostaglandin, which is produced in the uterus, is thought to be a factor in primary dysmenorrhea.



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