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Persistent gynecological infections
6 Replies
Lisette - February 1

I have a friend who has had an array of gynecological infections since August (Chlamydia, yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis (twice), a couple molluscum contagiousum outbreaks and now a suspected UTI) She has been in a monogamous relationship since last summer. Is there any reason she should be that susceptible to infection? What could she do to lower her risk (besides the obvious of always using a condom). Could there be a bigger problem underlying all these infections?


Zinnia - February 1

Not to be a party-pooper, but has her boyfriend also been monogamous? Tell your friend to have her doctor run a full STD panel including HIV (just to be safe). She should drag her man along for the ride, and insist that he be tested also. If he resists, then maybe he has something to hide.

Also, after testing, she should have him wear condoms for the next three months. If she stops getting the infections, then it's pretty obvious where they are coming from.

If he tests negative for everything, her constant yeast and bacterial infections could be from overuse of OTC meds like Monistat, overuse of antibiotics, wearing tight jeans, or tight shorts during exercise. Also stress, smoking, and a diet filled with sugars and carbohydrates can burden women with chronic infections. often lasting for years.

I would advise her to begin by having both herself and her man tested for all std's.


Rohana - February 1

I used to be pre-med and it sounds like it could be a more serious problem, has she been tested for HIV? HIV makes it hard for the body to fight off infection. One of the earliest signs is constant yeast infections and the bacterial infections are similar because the yeast infection if not treated could go bacterial. I would most definitely have her checked, go on the internet and search for places that do it for free. There are places all over the USA that do it for free, one simple cheek test or sometimes a blood-test depending. As far as lowering her risk, first I would like to say that condoms say that are up to 90 some percent accurate. When tested the best ones come out to be only 65% accurate. I'm not sure where to get it, but on top of a condom apparently what works good (never been sexually active, just heard about it from word of mouth) is a contraceptive gel that goes in the vagina. Although this gel will claim that you don't need a condom when you use it, I would use both to be on the safe side, which might decrease her risk.


Tawny - February 1

Her immune system could be compromised.

The yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis can be caused by an imbalance of naturally occurring bacteria and flora in the body. Has she been on antibiotics lately? Antibiotics kills the good bacteria in the body allowing the not so good bacteria to flourish.

Chlamydia is an STD... so that is self explanatory.

Molluscum contagiousum, is usually found more often in children. It is a virus. How ever it does not lie dormant in the body. Once all the bumps are gone the virus is gone. If you are re-exposed to the the virus you can get it again.

Considering the number of various infections of one type or another her boyfriend should be tested as well.


Azura - February 1

Each of these infections should be handled systematically to get rid of it completely. If bacterial vaginosis is left untreated for long it may lead to other PID and probably yeast infection too. Start by treating vaginosis with simple home remedies.


Mary - April 13

Medication is is very essential on that situation. Let your doctor know about it to avoid things to get worse.


jessica - April 14

Latex condoms are the only form of birth control that reduce your risk of getting an STD, and must be used every time. Spermicides, diaphragms, and other birth control methods may help prevent pregnancy, but they don't protect a person against STDs.



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