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Positive For HPV After Gardasil Shots!
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Autumn - February 2

I am 23 and finished the last Gardasil shot about 2 1/2 months ago. I had a pap 2 weeks ago and it came back abnormal with HPV. I know the shot only covers 4 strains, so it must be one of the other 90 somethings. I had an abnormal pap last December and also a colposcopy w/ biopsy. The test came back and all they told me was that I was high-risk and since then I've come back every 3 months for follow-up paps. I've been okay until now. I am very stressed and upset about the fact that I have to have another colp. & biopsy, it was traumatic and extremely stressful. You have no idea of the things running through my mind. Is there anyone out there who has had a experience like mine?? If so, please tell me what happened.
I will also welcome any input from medical professionals. Thank you.


Lexie - February 2

I've had a few abnormal paps and colposcopy w/ biopsies. I went through these for a few years. I was never diagnosed with HPV (not sure there was a test for it then) but anyhow. Yes, it is stressful. I've had the abnormal cells removed twice and have been in the clear more or less since then.

I have found that the abnormal paps have come up when I have been very stressed out. I seem to have the best luck at the gyno when I am healthy, exercising regularly and taking good care of myself. When you are stressed and not healthy then the immune system can't fight off the HPV.


Nalani - February 2

I've never been through what you've experienced with HPV, but I appreciate you starting this thread on Gardasil. I've been back and forth about whether or not to vaccinate my girls. I wasn't aware that there were so many strains of HPV and that the vaccine only covers four of them! So I guess I'm still thinking about it. I hope you'll be doing better soon.


Clarise - February 2

I've recently had a similar experience. All of my paps have tested negative for hpv. My doctor decided that gardasil was a good route for me because I am a germophobe. Two months after the last injection, a growth appeared in my groin. They are claiming that gardasil could not have caused it. But I have an autoimmune disorder and have not been sexually active in over a year and a half. Which means if I had hpv it hid for three years, even while being on immosupressive therapy. I am starting to believe that the gardasil (while they claim it is not possible) gave me genital warts. I am going in for testing in march to find out what strain I contacted. Pumpkin... I'd love to be contacted by you to discuss what happened. Maybe we can figure this whole thing out.


Portia - February 2

I'm new to this and I was wanting to hear other women's stories about their reactions to the Gardasil shot. I am 24 and I got my Gardasil vaccination last year, at which point I was was still a virgin and had NEVER participated in ANY form of sexual activity. After my shot I did become sexually active and have only had one partner. 3 months after receiving my shot I returned to my Dr. and she discovered that I had HPV. It has been 1 year since and I recently returned for my yearly pap and my results came back abnormal and they told me that I had contracted the HIGH RISK strain of HPV. But I thought that I was supposed to be protected against those 4 high risk strains because I had the vaccionation? I just had my colposcopy and am waiting for my results. I told my gyno that I feel that Gardasil gave me HPV and she brushed it off but I am very upset about this!


avenged7x01 - January 18

every since i got the shot when i was 16 i have been positive for hpv and then i lost my veginity when i was almost 18 and we used protection and when i went for my first pap to go on birthcontrol i have come up positive ever since can the shot actually make you come up positive bc i havent ever had an symptoms of hpv and im almost 23



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