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Postpone Urination
12 Replies
christine aguillera - March 12

I usually hold off my urination..sometimes if I have a very important work to do or I'm with a lot of deadlines, whenever I feel like urinating, I hold off my urination or postpone my going to the restroom. My friend said that what I'm doing is a very dangerous habit. How true is this? What will happen if I continue on doing this?


dominique - March 13

It's really not good to postpone or hold off your urination because tendency s that you can have a problem on your bladder which is really would turn into a very serious matter that could might also lead to cancer.


Kaye - March 13

Do not hold your urination it may cause damaged to your kidney. Your urine might be made to a stone. whenever you feel urinate do it accordingly.


kelly thomas - March 14

Myself, whenever I feel I want to urinate, I urinate immediately..I don't want to postpone my urination because I know how it will affect my body. It can cause health problems that is very serious to cope up.


fionah jane - March 15

Benign postatic hyperplasia affects many men as they get older. The problem vary but typically it's main cause is having to postpone urination.


Gladeeze - March 20

Yes, it is true. It is really not proper. This might give a kidney failure of its function.


Sarah - March 21

Having to postponed your urination is like putting yourself to a great risk of having kidney diseases. So, if I were you, you need to stop this bad habit before it's too late.


Helen - March 22

Some people like you hold in terms of urination because of important matters to finish then the tendency they forget to urinate till they feel the pain inside their excretory system. And this may lead to an illness. It is not good to hold our urine.


gems - April 10

It seems that you're work is more important compared to yourself. Postpone urination is a big risk to your health. It can greatly affect your kidney which can really create a big problem. so, give importance to yourself and to your health. Your work can wait. Urinating is just a few minutes compared to the risk that may lasts for a long time and even for a lifetime.


Zeny - April 10

If you continue in holding your urination, then you've become a kidney patients or you are going to face a very serious matter.


kharren - April 11

You know what?You need not to ask this question to other people because even yourself can answer if this is harmful or not. You're asking if what will happen to you if you continue doing this. My answer would be: You start killing yourself.


Lana - April 11

The worse thing could happen is that you may suffer from kidney disorder.


jade - April 14

As far as I know your bladder can hold your urine for an hour. After an hour you should be able to urinate, in later stages it can cause kidney and urinary dysfunction.



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