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14 Replies
Ian - February 16

I am not satisfied, a sexual play with a human partner but i am satisfied with a thing. why is this happen to me ? is this a sign of sexual abnormality?


jeddie - February 17

it is a sensual case. yes, it is not a normal act. but I think... you've experienced an event where you experimented yourself using a thing that you reach to the climax and maybe in doing the latest sex with a human partner you have not reach the climax. take yourself a chance ...reach to the climax with your human partner.


joanne - February 18

Yes, it's really a sign of sexual abnormality. You are more satisfied with a thing rather than a human partner? I think you need to consult a psychologist.


katherine - February 18

There are really person who are sensual in different things. That's how they define sexiness and they are not contented in doing a sexual act with a person without the use of any sex gadgets.


geraldine - February 22

Actually there are many kinds of sexual abnormalities..and what you shared to us, based on your likes and wants during sex, is just one of the many kinds of sexual abnormalities, I guess.


LadyJean - February 22

You know it is in the power of mind. Think normally to the human being who can give you the real happiness, not to the thing with no feeling. Just let your partner know the feeeling you have so that it can be given an appropriate solution.


rhea mae - February 24

I think there's nothing wrong with being sensual. It's part of the pleasures in having sex. So I guess, you just explain it to your partner that you love having some forms of things during sex so he can understand you.


BarbaraBilly - February 24

It is not amazing act. it is known for a fact that there are some who are abnormal in doing her sex life. Even though there are others who can normally done her sexual life.


markiz - February 26

Why are you not satisfied by your human partner? Were you have a heart to heart talk? Talk each other and bring yourself to the climax with your human partner.


Arnele - February 28

I would like to share this sensuous feeling of mine of which I easily get an erection whenever I saw an attracted opposite sex. Is this also an abnormality?


Xershe - March 1

There are sensualistic persons whose desire are out of the normal method. Can we say that it is an abnormality acts?


Allenx - March 1

I have known a man who made sex to a cow, is this not a dangerous for him? Or does it make the cow sick? What is supposed to be called this kind of action?


Kent33 - March 2

sensualistic is a kind of abnormal sexual activity] A person who involve this kind of sex is satisfied with beyond normal sexual urges.


Thomerline - March 20

Your situation have began after you've been sexual play with your husband, isn't it? Then, if is so, you might experienced unsatisfied sexual play. Tell your partner where is your sensation so that you, with your partner may reach to the climax.


Radien - March 20

This is clear that if both the husband and wife are open to their feeling, then they can be able to help each other.



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