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Sex During a Girl's Monthly Period
18 Replies
Lomel - March 21

Whenever I meet my boyfriend in our meeting place, we engage in premarital sex. Is it recommended to have sex even when I have my monthly period?


Lornski - March 22

For me I don't favor with that premarital sex because everything is a disadvantage when it comes to premarital sex. The trill of the moment often ends in a lifelong nightmare, resulting loss of trust with each other, which may lead to separation and above all the loss of virginity.


Chienee - March 22

I don't like to have that kind of sex, aside from that "yucky" feeling, having sex during a girl's monthly period is still premarital sex any angle you look at it, so it is not OK.


geraldine - March 22

I know it's okey to have sex even during your monthly period..but many people don't like doing it because they feel it's kind of dirty and uncomfortable!


fionah jane - March 22

Well, for me it's really not safe. Having sex during monthly period can cause you and your partner herpes and other complications.


glenna - March 22

the comfortability state of having sex while you have your period is not that pleasant and i guess it is really unclean and unhygienic to do such act.


ysah - March 23

Sex during monthly period? Well, for me, I don't like the idea even if others will say that it's safe. Just thinking about the blood and all stinky feeling upon doing it with your not good!


Charey2 - March 24

Yuck!!! is your boyfriend can have a nerve to have sex even if you have your monthly period?


jinky - March 25

I think for me, for health purposes, I don't think it's proper to have sex during monthly period because you will be suffering a some kind of herpes which is so difficult to handle.


Chona - March 26

Sex during girl's monthly period is not bad if the partner has agreed each other. As a matter of fact,it is safe for those who don't like to have a child yet.


lovely mae - March 28

I don't like such an idea of having sex during monthly period because for me it is so not hygienic and for me it's not safe.


Melodine - March 31

For those couple who have a family planning, this kind of sexual method is fitted for the purpose. Because the sperm cell would not be able to catch the egg cell.


Michael - March 31

It can be ok and it can be not. Having sexual play during her monthly period is a very safe to become pregnant but ignore the Yucky feeling.


Gioven - April 4

In my own opinion, it is not proper to have sex during menstruation of the woman. I can not stand with it.


honey - April 8

Well, for me, it's really so yucky! to do it on your monthly period..can't wait until the period is all done?


Helen - April 9

the new generations would like to explore the sexual play, they would like to know what is it? they even use the forbidden period just to go deeper their exploration. but would be the outcome of these? the gift of God has been abused and it may end up of devastated living...diseases/incurable diseases.For me, it is not good to make sex during monthly period of women is a forbidden time... it is in the Holy Scripture.


Micole - April 9

Why is it that you can't wait till menstruation is almost gone? Can you not have self control? This is just a sisterly advice,"make love only at the time when your monthly period is on the 5th-day".



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