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Sharp pains in the vaginal area
7 Replies
Valora - February 4

Hi ladies!
Does anyone get sharp pains in the vaginal area? (I say "area" because my pains seem to travel in this area.)

I've been getting these super sharp pains that stop me dead in my tracks for almost a year now & I don't know what it could be. They've happened at all different times of the day & night with or without having sex.
Anyone have an idea what this could be?


Aisha - February 4

Your pelvic floor muscles could be cramping/spasming. Put your finger into your vagina. You can feel around and press on the muscles. It they're sore, they probably sore from spasming. You can tell your obgyn and he can refer you to a physical therapist that works with the pelvic floor. Mis-alignment of your pelvis could also cause them to spasm. Then I could be totally wrong. If your terribly worried, ask your OBGyn.


Nadja - February 4

I'm in my 20's, and this happens to me occasionally. And they do floor you. They almost make me gasp in pain. But it only happens about once a month or every few months.


Queensley - February 4

I saw this post and thought "wow, this is almost exactly what i have been experiencing!". I am 23 and have had a history of irregular periods from the beginning! Recently, i have been getting relatively mild cases of what you have been describing but they do seem to be getting worse. The pains really do floor you, i have to stop dead in my tracks and sometimes it happens when i am driving or at work, which is really bad! I hope to see my doctor about this soon.


Piper - February 4

I've been experiencing the same thing off and on too. It just happened to me this morning on my drive to work and I thought I was going to die!


Fannie203 - February 5

I am a little bit curious about this kind of sharp pains in the vaginal area. How does this happen? To what extent does it flow?


sasha - April 13

Vaginal pain can take many forms, from an intermittent, dull ache to a cramping sensation to a chronic burning or sharp, knife-like pain that occurs in the absence of an infection or vaginal disease. I guess that unexplained pain may result in the inability to exercise.


france - April 13

If this happens when it's close to a menstrual cycle it could be nothing more than a muscle contraction. If this is an ongoing, consistent problem, please discuss this with your OBGYN due to the fact that it may be a warning sign of infection.



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