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Still no results after seeing 4 specialists
8 Replies
Lisette - February 5

Hi guys
I have recently been seeing a gyno who sent me to numerous of other specialists for an issue that I have been having for many years.

Every off month (a week an a half before my cycle), I get an itchy feeling around the anus and vagina, sometimes it can be inflamed and really painful to touch and sore when having sex. I cant say I've noticed a smell or discharge, however, the itching and the pain is starting to be an issue for me.

The gyno found that I have tested positive with Strep B three times, however, he really didn't find anything else of concern. I was sent to three other specialist including the infectious disease specialist and all of them haven't found anything of major concern. This is great however, it's making me feel really disappointed in the medical field as they've all had years of training and yet they can't figure out between them all what it is?

Last month I went to the infectious disease specialist, this week I returned to him for tests so that he can see what is going on.. Test results came back normal with no signs of infection.

I am now being forwarded to a doctor who is a BV specialist, I am a tad annoyed as the fact the gyno ruled it out completely when asked. I never did get to say to the gyno - how can you rule it out completely when you have no real idea of what I have, shouldn't you be testing everything?

I am hoping that the specialist who specializes in BV can find something and or can say that yes that is what I have. I am finding that not having a name to what I am experience is almost pushing me over the edge as mentally it is frustrating and I am just over being told everything is ok and its normal.

I am just over it... I want to hear everyone's stories and words of advice what I should do?


Zuri - February 5

What comes to mind is that the hormones levels in you body change throughout your cycle. In the premenstrual phase both estrogen and progesterone are high. Both are low during menstruation and post-menstrual phase and during ovulation estrogen is high. So the only time that progesterone is high is during that premenstrual time. This may provide a clue as to what is going on?

I did a very quick search but mostly found info on the artificial progesterone and ads for skin care products which contain it. I did find one lab paper that indicated some skin irritation from lab exposure. Do some serious searching, see what you can find? Take that to your doc? Perhaps you have an unusual sensitivity, your natural discharge would be a little different chemically during that time maybe that is causing a reaction to some product you use? Detergent? Soap? Body wash? It's worth some time researching and some question asking.


Devika - February 5

My first guess would have been Herpes but you would've tested for that already, I presume. I have a very similar issue at the same time every month, just days before my period, but I know it's because of the herpes virus and I'm able to stave it off by taking Red Marine Algae tablets daily once i feel it coming on. Once my period is gone I never have another incident like that until the next period.


Oriane - February 5

I believe that its a condition called Cyclical Thrush where it comes a week or a week and a half before your period. It is a condition that many Gyno's don't know much about. I would advise you to research more about this.


Tarina - February 5

Ugh! I have the same problem, it's just so annoyingly itchy. I hate it. I just use an everyday feminine wash to relieve the itchiness and I keep my vagina as dry as much as possible. There are times that it gets wounded because I scratched it too much. I better go to by Gyne again have this checked. It's driving me nuts!


Howard Chui - February 5

The thing is, that some educated person doesn't mind of how to do his job accurately but one thing for sure is, the problem has its own solution.Don't lose your hope.


blossom - February 6

Just don't give up in finding the right specialist who could give you the best result you need. I know it will surely come..


Sidney33 - February 6

Sometimes there are illness that can't diagnosed instantly. There are illness which are rare. The doctors don't have superpowers which they can give right away the correct diagnosed. We just pray to God that next doctor who can handle your case can diagnosed your illness exactly so can be given the right medication.


jackson - August 1

Don't give up.



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