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Stuck tampon
7 Replies
Summer - February 3

I know this is stupid. I had sex last night with a tampon in, and its stuck. Is it possible for it to go through the cervix. I have never had this problem before. It hurts really bad, very bad abdomen cramps.


June - February 3

I heard about someone who had this problem too. She got raped and had a tampon. I don't want to scare you but she had to get it surgically removed. You should do is asap because you don't want to get an infection along with the tampon problem.


Marigold - February 3

I had a tampon in myself and some how ending up having sex in the middle of the night and since the passion was so intense, I simply forgot. It was at the near end of my cycle and I was still wearing a tampon because I don't want my husband to feel a nasty pad on me when he curls up to me in bed. Any way it started with a nasty order and I thought what the? So I went to the doctor and they done a pap and still did not know but it did develop an infection of some kind. Well they put me on a pill form, but no help. I called back and they called in metrogel. After using that for a couple of days, I went to the bathroom as I normally would and I felt this passing and I thought what is this ??? I looked in the toilet and it was the tampon... I do not tell this story to any one I know, but it will be of some help.


Bluebell - February 3

This is an embarrassing problem that I think happens a lot to women. I also had sex with a tampon on in the heat of the moment. The next day went to the Gyn they took a little clamp like instrument during my exam and removed it without a problem. no pain or anything. The one thing they did tell me though, was good thing I went the next day because you can develop a really serious infection. Believe me this was not the first time Gyn office seen this before and most likely not the last. sometimes we make little mistakes. LOL


Trista - February 3

I've been using tampons for more than 10 years now without any problems. But I could have sworn that I lost one in there and I did go to the Dr. twice! They looked and said they didn't see anything both times. But my period stopped immediately after I thought that it had gotten stuck. They told me that it was just stress. After hearing this I'm inclined to go back and request an ultra sound or x-ray or something to finally put my mind at ease. It's been about 2 weeks and I've had abdominal pain, but my next period has not yet started since it's not time. At first I was embarrassed to go back a third time 'cause I felt they would think I was just crazy or something. Now I'm getting scared.


geraldine - February 4

what a silly thing to forgot that you have a tampon on when having sex? You should be responsible enough next time to take it out before doing some sexual's really quite dangerous you know.


teshawn - August 3

what? stuck tampon??? when you had your tampon stuck inside of you, this could lead to many symptoms that are very dangerous. you might notice vaginal discharge, pelvic pressure or pain, and foul odor, worst this may lead to surgery.


Edil - August 3

tampons can be toxic to your body and if it is not removed, this can lead to a serious problem known as toxic shock syndrome. it is rare but a very dangerous bacterial infection.



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