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swimming with period.
14 Replies
kriziah - April 13

i am a swimmer and a coach as well but until now i am not sure if it's really safe to swim during a period?


kyla - April 13

i do that quite often and i am worried if there's an effect with your reproductive health.


gianne - April 13

There is nothing to stop a female from swimming if she uses a tampon. As far as being unsanitary if some menstrual fluid gets in the water, it is no more unsanitary than sweat. I think I have read that blood is bacteria free. Given how sensitive young girls are around issues of their period, I think I wouldn't have said anything to her about it or kept her from swimming.


maTilda - April 14

of course, it's just fine to swim with a period. it is just an old wives tale about not to swim during having your period.


ginger - April 14

never heard that case before and if ever, i won't allow myself to swim during my period, it's kind of messy.


andreas - April 14

swimming is an exercise and nothings wrong to swim during your period, it can regulate your blood flow.


RINA - April 14

nothing's wrong to swim during your period. menstruation bars you from the water.


FloydA_Bob - April 14

it can be really uneasy but it's all up to you if you want to go for a swim or just stay in one corner all the time.


Fat Lady - April 14

i suggest going in an open sea rather than on swimming pools. the thought of getting leaks is there so you should be careful.


olga - April 14

it's rather beneficial of course to wear tampon rather than pads when you swim. the trick is that you should not allow to stay wearing tampon of more than 6 hrs.


bubbles - April 14

I also swim a lot and I swim whenever I feel like it even if I'm having my period or not..and praise God, there's nothing wrong with my reproductive health..until now, I'm very much fine and always in best of health.


Floyda - April 14

yes, my mom told me that too because you might get vaginal infection.


willa - April 14

there's what they call menstrual cup that should be insert in vagina which is more hygienic and safer than wearing tampons. it can be actually worn for less than 12 hours.


HAZZEL - April 14

i swim with my pads on and it's not that messy or uneasy to wear. wear cloth pads in particular other than the organic or commercial pads.


shirley - April 14

not only pads, you should also consider the clothes, shorts you are wearing.



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