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Symptoms of HIV
10 Replies
Trixy - February 10

How will a woman know that she's suffering HIV? What are symptoms of HIV in women?


dominique - February 10

Women with HIV exhibit several visible symptoms, which do really come and go as the infection lingers. Some may experience flu-like fever, headache and swollen lymph nodes after the few months of contracting the virus.


fiona jane - February 11

symptoms like fever, headache, muscles and joint pains, soar throat, rash and diarrhea in which many physicians diagnose these as a flu..but later, found out to be HIV.


jansky.23 - February 11

I have learned that Sinus infection is a common problem for people living with HIV.


charity - February 11

The three most common symptoms experienced by women after exposure to HIV are: 1. Frequent or severe vaginal infections
2. Pap smears that indicate abnormal changes or dysplasia
. Pelvic infections that are difficult to treat
Check if you have these symptoms and consult your doctor immediately.


kolette100 - February 11

Becareful guys if you have flu.Dont take it for granted because frequently, women exposed to HIV experience flu-like symptoms within a couple of weeks of becoming infected.


Crystal - February 11

I have searched many symptoms of HIV in women.Some of these are:
*White spots or abnormal blemishes in the mouth
*Genital warts
*Severe mucosal herpes infections
*Frequent fevers that include night sweats
*Rapid weight loss without dieting
*Constant fatigue
*Decreased appetite and diarrhea


joanne - February 12

The common symptom of having HIV is flu..but it doesn't necessarily mean that in every would think you have HIV!LOL!


Micky - April 10

i agree with joanne. it doesn't mean that if your having a flu you are already infected with HIV. some serious symptoms of HIV are cough (dry or productive) and shortness of breath. Just consult the authorized person to check properly.


Honey - April 11

There are many symptoms which can be diagnosed as HIV. According to the experts that various symptoms may be experienced by the individual who has infected by this infections/diseases. It is in accordance to the kinds of infection.


elle - April 13

In emergency departments and family practice offices, people come in with symptoms like fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, sore throat, rash and diarrhea. In response to these symptoms, physicians diagnose the flu and send the patient on their way. In the majority of cases, their diagnosis proves correct. But unfortunately, a number of people with these vague, indistinct symptoms have a more serious illness than the flu; these symptoms may signal the acute stages of HIV infection.



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