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symptoms of vaginal cancer
13 Replies
Sandra Lee - March 22

Is there really a disease called vaginal cancer? What are its symptoms? Your answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Miriam - March 22

I know that there is an illness that lead to a cancer in our sexual organ that may cause cancer but I'm not sure of that name vaginal cancer, maybe there is but in the other terms.


janna - March 22

you will be experiencing some abnormal vaginal bleeding especially present after sexual intercourse. some may also be having vaginal discharge which is normally common to women but if it's really unusual with like blood-tinge or odor.


thea - March 23

Some of the symptoms of vaginal cancer are: painful urination, vaginal bleeding and pain during sexual intercourse or in the pelvic area.


lalaine - March 23

Vaginal cancer is a gynecologic cancer. It is a rare type of cancer that forms in the vaginal tissue of women. In the early stages, vaginal cancer does not usually cause any noticeable symptoms. Its rarity and the vagueness of its symptoms can make it difficult to diagnose.


DorEEn - March 23

A vaginal mass that can be felt either by you or your physician can be a symptom of vaginal cancer. There can be several causes of vaginal masses, including vaginal cysts. A biopsy may be necessary to determine if the mass is cancerous or not.


a$hley faye - March 23

Another symptom is changes in bowel function. This can indicate many conditions, including vaginal cancer. As vaginal cancer progresses, women may experience chronic constipation, black or tarry stools, and a feeling as if the bowels have not been completely emptied after having a bowel movement.


joy - March 23

yes, there is a disease called vaginal cancer. There are many different types of cancer of the vagina: squamous cell cancer (squamous carcinoma), adenocarcinoma, malignant melanomas, and sarcomas. Symptoms are: bleeding or discharge not related to menstrual periods, difficult or painful urination and pain during sexual intercourse and pain in the pelvic area.


Jasonz - March 30

I think there is but I'm not so informed how it is affected to the individual. But in my own opinion, every woman must be aware of the symptoms that these might give so she can make precautions of what should not be done.


tonette - March 31

Vaginal cancer is the disease that affects the cells of the lining of the vaginal walls.Vaginal cancer doesn't present any symptoms until the disease has progressed.


violet - March 31

These are the symptoms of a vaginal cancer:
*Abnormal vaginal bleeding, often after intercourse, that is not related to your period
*Having unusual vaginal discharge
*A mass that can be felt
*Pain during intercourse
*Pain in the pelvic region
*Painful urination and constipation


Gary - March 31

I know that vaginal cancer is so itchy and there is a fishy smell. If you have felt this kind of symptoms then it is better to consult a doctor. Do not delay in doing this.


Showe - April 1

Yes,there is something a symptoms of this kind of illness, like a foul smell within, and unexplainable itchy in the outer part of the vagina.


ysah - April 1

Vaginal cancer is a very serious diseases that is really a life threatening. Problem with this, is that the symptoms of vaginal cancer is very hard to detect until it becomes worsen.



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