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Tampons are suddenly painful to use
15 Replies
Freya - February 5

Recently tampons have been painful to use during my period. They hurt going in, coming out and also while they're inside. I've used tampons for close to twelve years now and so I know how to use them properly and I've never come across this situation. I'm using the same brand as always and the correct size for flow control. The only thing different is that my flow seems to be more heavy and contain a greater amount of clots.
To explain, its uncomfortable to insert the applicator even before I push in the tampon. When I push in the tampon, it feels as if there is an obstruction and I can't push it in at all. This is accompanied by shooting pains in my abdominal region. I can feel the tampon inside me when I'm doing normal activities and it is uncomfortable to sit and even walk at times. Taking it out is just as painful.
I noticed this during my last period and it has become worse this time around. I've tried researching to figure out what could be the cause, but have found no answers.

So, my question is, does anyone know what could be the problem? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!


Sabina - February 5

Personally I really do think you should make a further appointment to see your doctor/gyno as soon as possible, if only to be on the safe side.


Milena - February 5

I honestly don't have an idea. This is first that I've heard of this. You should see your Gyne. I am sure they'll be able to help and explain to you what is going on. It might be possible that your vaginal wall is sore, that might be the one causing you the pain.


Kali - February 5

I would directly go to my Gyne if I were you. That sounds serious. It might be a possible infection of some kind. Not really sure.


Tirion - February 5

Just curious, what sort of pain is it - a scratchy, irritating, "oh-god-there's-a-dry-wad-of-cotton-in-there" kind, or is it pressure, throbbing, etc? But just so you know, I really would advise you to go see a doctor or Gyne right away.


devine grace - February 6

That's what I don't like about tampons..I'm afraid to use it for myself because of the side effect that it will have on my body.


Beverly302 - February 6

If I were you, I could go immediately to the doctor. Don't take the situation as good for nothing. What if it is already serious.?


jollykate - February 8

I'm very curious of what's it's like to use tampons. I'm planning to use it and do away with napkins..but now, I think I don't want to use it anymore because of your experience Freya. Thanks so much for sharing..


Irish480 - February 8

stop using tampons, you maybe have and allergy.


Lolly13 - April 10

Have you tried consulting your doctor about this matter. This is kinda serious and I guess the best advice would come from them.


monique - April 10

I really had bad feelings for tampons, that's why i don't use it, I am contented with my own sanitary napkin.


linda - April 13

These tips will help you minimize health risks when using tampons:
# Read the information pamphlet that comes with tampons, and follow all directions.
# Do not use tampons until your period begins. Do not use them as a precaution because you expect your period to start on a given day, or to control other types of discharge.
# Wash your hands before and after inserting a tampon.
# Change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours, and do not use tampons overnight.
# Remember to remove each and every tampon.
# Alternate the use of tampons with external protection, like pads and liners.


cosmomnipresent - March 18

Hello! Did you ever see your OBGYN about this? I am having this exact problem.


telliwood - August 19

When I started having that problem I went to the OBGYN and found out I had fibroids in my uterus. Thats where the clunking came from. The pain was from cysts on my uterus. Both are very common in women so it may be one of the two or both. You may have a larger fibroid causing the clunking and making the uterus feel swollen which would be why it feels the tampon doesn't want to stay in. I had to have some fibroids and cyst removed. They will need to do a physical and maybe ultrasound to know for sure.


JohnMarry - August 27

These tips will helpful in minimize risks when using tampons.
Read the information carefully and follow all tips.

-Change tampons every 4-6 hours.
-Alternate with pads as often as possible.
-Always use lowest absorbency for your flow.
-Avoid rayon brands: Tampax, Playtex, Kotex.
-Opt for cotton brands: Natracare, Emerita, Maxim.
-Do not use tampons when not menstruating.
-Do not use tampons with light flow or spotting.
-Do not use tampons overnight while sleeping.
-Do not use tampons with a vaginal infection.
-Wash hands before inserting or removing tampons.
-Store your tampons away in a clean dry place.


nutterbutter - March 8

You might have an tampon-induced ulcer. I had the same symptoms and was advised to stop using tampons for a period of time (3-6 months) because it's likely that they had caused a pressure ulcer that wasn't healing because of continued irritation. My gyno said he had never seen one before and might have missed it because of its unusual location--it was covered by the normal use of the speculum--if I hadn't been so specific about the location of the pain.



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