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the very unusual monthly period
11 Replies
shasha - February 23

hi ladies out there i hope someone can give me some advice or insight about my situation. i have been suffering from dysmenorrhea ever since i had my first period at the age of 15 and it really sucks big time. now i am 28 and still is suffering every month i have my period. it is really frustrating because it bothers me much from my daily activities especially at work i can`t really concentrate on the things i need to done. :(


frenzy - February 23

i have been suffering from that same issue every month too. i never had consulted a gynecologist or whatsoever but my mom who is also having the same problem told me to try out drinking herbal tea and do some physical exercise before your period like brisk walking. although it doesn't really help to take away that eerie pain but it did helped me out to alleviate the pain.


Johanna - February 24

You better consult your condition to a certain doctor. It's not good that you will just take it for granted. It's your health that is at risks. So, act now, before it's too late.


layce - February 25

my sister is also suffering from irregular monthly periods. sometimes she has it twice over a month and sometimes none. now, she's taking up contraceptive pills to regulate her monthly period.


Daphe - February 26

you know I have friend who was like your situation. She can not work because of the pain. She was advice to marry in an earlier years, so that when she can be pregnant then the pain might vanished. And it is true?


Luise - February 26

It is not abnormalities because there are many woman who suffer of the same feelings you've experience. Take time to refer it to the doctor.


HarrishBe - February 28

you are suffering of dysmenorrhea, how about consult it to your doctor then take a vitamin fitted for this kind of disorder, Stay calm!!


reizell - February 28

this is due to a hormonal imbalance. you must take vitamin which is prescribed by an obgyne.


kirsten - April 9

when i was still single, i really experienced the same thing, but when i got married and after delivered my first baby, my dysmenorrhea gradually disappear. i have not suffered the same thing as compared to before...i agree with what Daphe suggested because it really works in my case..


TONI - April 9

Yes, i agree with kirsten. It also happened to my cousin...After she gave birth, then she had her menstruation, she noticed that it's no longer that painful compared to her usual dysmenorrhea. But, i'm not saying that this will also happen to you and i'm not saying that the solution to your problem is to get married and get pregnant.Still, consult your doctor and ask for proper advice for the good of your condition.


lovely mae - April 10

I guess, you must take an action now, it's for me very alarming already especially if you already feel a lot of pain already. Consulting a doctor is the best you need to do right now.


Chelsea - April 10

Are you married? If you are not, I would advice you to marry.Because I have a friend who have a problem like yours when she married, according to her, her monthly period is already regular and the pain which she felt during her monthly period has already gone. So come to think of it.



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