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Unusual Period and Ongoing Cramps
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Winter - February 3

I'm trying to figure out why I am continuing to have mild cramps even though my period is finished.

Typically my period lasts 5 days and is heavy for the first two, then light and then spotty the last day. This month my period came one day late but was light for one day, then stopped, then spotted a day. Also I didn't have any of my normal pms symptoms. That was a little over a week ago, and this week I have on and off cramps that feel like light menstrual cramps. They also kick up when I have sex.

The only answer I have found online for these cramps was pregnancy. I just took a test today and it was negative, and besides an unusual period I have no other pregnancy symptoms.


January - February 3

Same thing happened to me I was cramping like a week after my period, I ignored it then my next cycle came and same thing I cramped after my period for 5 days. Finally I had a cyst rupture which can happen after a period ends. Cyst hurt with sex. Maybe its the same thing for you, a ultrasound would show pelvic fluid if you had a rupture or if a cyst was still there or about to burst. Cyst are really common and usual aren't a big issue unless they grow large. They can put you on birth control for it basically that's what they do for it.


Solstice - February 3

have the same thing and iv been worried sick. My last period was 5 days late (I'm not that regular anyway) it also seemed a lot heavier than usual. I was on for my usual 4-5 days on the 5th day I had sex (i noticed a slight pain in my left ovary during) then for about 4 days after wards I had a brown discharge which seems to have now cleared up, but I am still getting pinching/cramping around my ovaries its hard to describe but like a heavy feeling, almost like I'm due on but not as bad.

Its embarrassing but I've also noticed that I've got quite a bit of wind, I'm not on the pill, the doctor has tested me for bacterial vaginosis and thrush both were fine, she also did an internal which was normal. Can I just ask if yours has now cleared up or if you have an advice, I'm really worried something is seriously wrong with me, thanks Lorna.


Nixie - February 3

I've experienced this before, but I simply brushed it off. Good thing it just went away on its own. I'm sure what happened, maybe it was something I did that triggered the cramps.


Ruby - February 3

The simplest advise I can give is to go visit your doctor. It's better to have that checked, since you won't have ongoing cramps for no reason. Especially is this never happened to you before. Good luck, I hope it's nothing serious.


kelly thomas - February 4

Well, my best advice is to immediately go and check this out to your doctor. She would be very glad to explain to you the reason on why you are having unusual period and painful cramps.


Danelle - April 13

Have you talked to your doctor about this concern. I haven't heard of this situation before and I was wondering whats the explanation behind.


pamela - April 14

PMS remains an enigma because of the wide-ranging symptoms and the difficulty in making a firm diagnosis. Several theories have been advanced to explain the cause of PMS. None of these theories have been proven, and specific treatment for PMS still largely lacks a solid scientific basis. Most evidence suggests that PMS results from the alterations in or interactions between the levels of sex hormones and brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters.


Alyssa - April 14

cases like this seems to have a problem. this is not normal and you have to seriously consult a person who is expert on this. it might be myoma or even cancer. i'm not scaring you but its better to prevent than to cure.


geraldine - April 14

Yeah, I also would agree to others that issues like this, you need to have the experts opinion and medical check-up is also very important for you to have to be able to know what's really going on with you and why you experience such.


monique - April 15

It's normal and some women experience that once in their life too. You are actually not alone..but there's really nothing wrong with you. So, don't worry, I have experience it too..and now, it's finally gone.



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