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Unwanted Hair Growth in Women
14 Replies
melody - February 10

I have unwanted hair growth which causes me much irritation and embarrassment. I want to know what causes this because I'm having hormonal imbalance? Please, I need some answers?


Tellyme - February 10

I just want to know, where do these hair grow? Find time to see a doctor so you can have the right medication.


melody - February 11

Oh, well, I have unwanted hair all over my legs. I hate this because it's really not good to look at. Actually, the shape of my legs are quite fine and many says that I have sexy legs..but because of unwanted hair growth, I can't wear mini skirts!, waxing is really too expensive!


nesly ann - February 11

I understand you, for today's fashion craze, should be no hair anywhere is a rule. Unfortunately,you have it already..all you have to do is to accept it and just be natural.


[email protected] - February 11

Yes, as you have said, having unwanted hair growth is a symptoms of hormonal imbalance. it can be genetic, or it can be a body's natural reaction to insulin resistance.


Marichoi - February 12

if i were you, just leave it as it long as you have fine and good shape legs, go ahead..wear what you want to wear.Never mind that long hair in your legs...


jobelyn - February 15

Yes, I do agree! Having unwanted hair growth is something that's really not a thing to be ashamed about..just be natural! Love it the way it is and just be proud you have it, because as you see not all have, you're unique!


beauty - February 16

It may cause genetically. It is in your genes. Don't worry about it.


ysah - February 19

Yeah, unwanted hair growth is no big deal..people can understand about it and it's not your fault if you have that so nothing to be ashamed. Think of it as your one unique qualities.


Farlen - February 28

there are many hair that grow, in what part of you body? There are skin cream that can make the hair vanished.


Leoze - March 2

it maybe a hereditary case, you can use a shaver, but not daily.There's also an ointment which can make the hair vanished.


Sonia - March 20

It may be a genetic case. Go to a physician and ask their advise of what must be done.


Lornski - March 21

Do not get embarrass, just stay cool and be calm. There are creams which can remove the hair.


daphne - April 14

A common cause is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Women with PCOS and other hormone conditions that cause unwanted hair growth may also have acne, problems with menstrual periods, trouble losing weight, a deeper voice similar to that of men, and diabetes. If these symptoms start suddenly, there may be a tumor that releases male hormones.


jinky - April 15

We women, doesn't want to have many hair to grow with some parts of our body. That's why I understand you when you said, it causes you lots of embarrassment. But just take it easy, we have now modern technology, that could help you with your problem..all you have to do is to search it out.



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