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urinary incontinence
16 Replies
belle - March 17

I just want ask, how serious is urinary incontinence? What are it's causes?


patrice - March 18

there are several causes of having urinary incontinence like if you are into heart medications, some bladder irritation and if you are into caffeine.


kelly thomas - March 18

I think you better consult the expert if you are experiencing urinary incontinence..they are the one who could tell how serious this is.


samantha faye - March 19

Urinary incontinence is just normal, I think in some point of our life we experience having urinary incontinence and it's not as serious as having urinary tract, there's really nothing wrong with you if you experience don't worry.


babeth - March 19

Urinary incontinence is any involuntary leakage of urine. It is a common and most distressing problem, which may have a profound impact on quality of life. It is caused when the pelvic floor muscles are weakened and cannot keep the urethra completely closed.


snooky#3 - March 20

I experience that every time I would like to urinate, before I reach to the comfort room, my urine would flow, it is a very shameful moment if I were in the mall or in any other place outside our home. Is this a kind of urinary incontinence?


ezzy - March 23

Is urinary in continence is this a case of which the woman can hold her urine? I just want to make clarification because I'm not sure of my own analyzes, for me, I experience, if this is the case , I do an activity like muscle control.


Qiueer - March 30

Is this urinary incontinence a kind of not able to hold the urine? This is just a clarification. If not, kindly share on this forum if you have knowledge about this.


cheska - March 31

Yeah, I think it is..urine is very much uncontrollable..and it's so embarrassing because you can't get hold of your urine at times it should not be..especially if there's a lot of people around.


Gabrielle33 - March 31

This is a kind of disorder of holding the urine. And this should not be disregarded. It should be consulted to the doctor. so it must be given an appropriate medication


cheska - April 1

Yes, very true! Do not disregard this kind of disease because it will lead to a very serious complications..if it will not be given proper and immediate treatment.


Flowerz - April 4

this is also what I think that this may not be disregarded. Who knows whether it is very serious or not if you don't see a physician.


dominique - April 8

Urinary incontinence may happen to those persons suffering some bladder infection.


Flory - April 9

there are some factors that can trigger the urinary incontinence, like food with preservatives, using pantyliner, seat on a hot bench and many others. if there are times which you've feel something unusual every time of urinating consult immediately to the doctor.


cheska - April 9

what are the causes and how to prevent this?


james - April 9

One of its causes is the increased urine amounts, as with poorly controlled diabetes. If you think that it affects your day-to-day activities, I suggest that you should consult your doctor.


bea - April 13

Urinary incontinence is loss of bladder control. Symptoms can range from mild leaking to uncontrollable wetting. It can happen to anyone, but it becomes more common with age. Most bladder control problems happen when muscles are too weak or too active. If the muscles that keep your bladder closed are weak, you may have accidents when you sneeze, laugh or lift a heavy object.



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