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vaginal bleeding after sex
16 Replies
lilac80 - January 30


I am quite bothered with my condition.
Cause I noticed that every after my husband
and I have sex, I can see my vagina is bleeding.
I am worried about this. Should I see my OBGyne
about this?

Some piece of advise is appreciated.



Jacque B. - January 30


Post-coital bleeding can occur for a number of reasons.
And seeing your OBgyne is the best thing that you need
to do. That is something that is you should not take lightly.

Jacque B.


Happy45 - January 30

A friend of mine experience the same thing and as she went to see her doctor,
they found out that the cause of such bleeding is that she has a gonorrhea.
Some sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacteria.


juliet - January 30

You should see your doctor the soonest possible time to have a proper medical treatment. Your health should comes first. Good luck.


Susie - January 30

Lilac, what you experience could be vaginitis, anInflammation or swelling and infection of the vagina or cervix. Treatment of which depends on the cause. So better see a doctor for that.


keisha - January 30

That vaginal bleeding could be a cervical dysplasia, a precancerous changes of the epithelial cells that line the cervix. Risk increases with multiple sexual partners, sex before age 18, child birth before age 16, or a past history of STDs. That is usually treated with cryosurgery or conisation.


cassandra - January 30

Our vagina is very sensitive and that is why to avoid any not so pleasant situation like bleeding, itching and others, it is very important that both us and our partners are clean before and after doing any sexual act. To avoid any infection.


Jerralyn - January 30

It is better not to disregard the situation because we can not really know the situation whether a big physical problem is coming soon. A gynecologist is the one who can really diagnosed what would be the exact medication to take.


monique - January 31

Yes, it's good to see an Obgyne as soon as possible. If this would happen in my case, I will not let a day pass. I really would have to take some action so that I can find an immediate solution about my problem.


claudia67 - January 31

That may possibly be a Chlamydia,a some sort of bacterial infection that is usually transmitted through sexual activity or contact with semen, vaginal fluid, or blood.


alyssa c. - January 31

That must be kinda awful. Maybe that's cervical polyps, a smooth, red or purple, finger-like growths that grow out of the mucus layer of the cervix or the cervical canal. These polyps are extremely fragile, extending out of the cervix, and easily and painlessly removed.


jennie - January 31

Hi girl, you better be watchful especially if you a bearing a child cause if that is a Trichomoniasis , a usually sexually transmitted disease caused by protozoan, that can also be passed to newborns during vaginal birth by infected mothers. Although seldom it happens, transmission is also possible in tap water, hot tubs, urine, on toilet seats, and in swimming pools.


karina b. - January 31

Vaginal bleeding after sex is one of the symptoms of women with uterine polyps. Other symptoms includes bleeding between periods,spotting, menorrhagia, bleeding after menopause, and breakthrough bleeding during hormone therapy.


desiree - January 31

Lilac if that vaginal bleeding is caused by uterine polyps,
Hysteroscopic-guided curettage is the preferred treatment for that.


lucilla - January 31

Diagnosing vaginal bleeding after sex is usually a matter of exclusion. So when the time you experience vaginal bleeding after sex, best to see your physician.


joyce - January 31

I know how disappointing that is when you're in that pleasant dream-like state and when you go to the bathroom and discover that you are bleeding.
But then we cannot just keep on guessing what that really is cause ones experience might be different in your case. So the best step that you have to take the soonest possible time is to go to your gynecologist.


PeaceGick - February 1

This is a sign that you consult your doctor. Don't make delay in giving attention on this matter.



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